Jansen Harkins 2014-15 Highlights | Prince George, WHL

The Winnipeg Jets selected Jansen Harkins at 47th overall. Harkins was ranked 22nd overall by the Canucks Army, Jets Nation, and NHL Numbers draft preview.

Harkins has all the intangibles. He’s smart, plays a strong defensive game, is a leader, but he is also a pretty strong scorer on a very, very weak team.

Check out some highlights of Harkin’s highlights last season.

Harkins led the Cougars in points with 79 in 70 games, and his 59 assists were a franchise record.

While Harkins scoring may be his least impressive feature, it’s still pretty impressive regardless. Harkins was the third highest scoring forward in the WHL for the draft and carried a huge percentage of his team’s offense.

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