The Roundup


We’ve got you covered with the best articles from the CRAZIEST week in hockey’s off-season, check it all out in this week’s Roundup.

In the roundup we go around the Nation Network and give you some of the best articles of the last couple weeks. Every once in a while it’s good to know what other teams are doing, or maybe you find an interesting article you wouldn’t have found otherwise.

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Expectations for Martin Marincin’s next contract

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Is Calgary’s roster all but set?

Friedman provides Dougie Hamilton contract details

10 Dougie Hamilton facts

How 24 hours completely reshaped the Flames future for the better


Sekera: How much better is the defense?

Oilers draft recap

Oilers load up on aggressive defensemen at 2015 draft

The Oilers tried for Dougie Hamilton and it wasn’t their fault they missed

It’s too early to write off Griffin Reinhart – Scrap of the week

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  • Jets owl

    NIKITA NIKITIN for Dion Phaneuf straight across with the leafs retaining $2m salary should be done this week. This gives Neon Dion a chance at a Cup.

    We all know he’s not getting that in Toronto. Hahahaha. Looool

    Now Toronto is the laughing stock of the league. Hahaha

    • Kevwan

      We are still the laughing stock that it took us so many years of complete failure before we actually hired a real GM and coach. But yet we don’t fire the tards that caused this??? Talk about a joke. Until the failures (Kblowe, Mc Blabish, Howsen) are removed we still look like fools. Only in Edmonton do complete failures have jobs for life.

      • Joy S. Lee

        Hey, I’m just throwin’ darts here, but… were you a former employee of the organization, and got fired or something? You gotta let go of the bitterness, brother, it’s eating you alive. If you’ve got anything else to add to the conversation besides “fire Lowe and MacTavish”? I’m sure we’d all love to hear it. And no, I’m not a friend of theirs; I’m a friend of good hockey banter, which is what I look for in the comments section of ON. You can say what you want, I suppose, I’m just suggesting that you stop spinning your wheels and say something different. Any thoughts about Chiarelli’s work, for example? McDavid? Looks like this thing is going forward without you, dude.

  • Jets owl

    So Toronto writers are saying that Marincin is a 4 or 5th defnesman on a good team presently in his career…. That’s telling you how much false hope they have in a player

    • Jordan McNugent-Hallkins

      Lol! Maybe in a year or two he’ll be a 4th/5th D man, and even then only on a deep defense. Toronto is in for a world of hurt. I think they’re in a slightly better spot that Boston though, at least they have Babcock.

    • Kevwan

      I wouldn’t write off Marincin just yet. He didn’t progress as hoped for last year but had a very strong end of ’13-14 season. He may not be a 4/5 D right now but if he adds bulk he could become one soon.

      A big problem with the Oilers D last year was that the only player to have over 100 hits was Ference. Gryba compliments the D group much better than Marincin did.
      Anyway, I hope he has success in TO. The better that players do after getting traded from a team the more likely GM’s will want to do business with that team in the future

  • silentbob

    Justin said in the draft review article thread – “Hunter thinks that Marner can be a centre. If he gains even an inch and packs on 20 pounds of muscle, he certainly won’t be too small to do it”

    My guess is that Marner will spend the entire 2015-2016 season playing center in London, proving he is more then capable of playing the position, with Matthew Tkachuk on his wing. At the 2016 draft the Leafs will target Tkachuk and aggressively pursue him (trading up if need be).

    Marner may need another year after that in London and some time in the AHL putting on the weight to handle the NHL and getting better/more comfortable at center, but is there any reason to believe right now that he can’t do it?

  • TX Flame

    Seeing all the praise PC is getting for the Sekera deal, I can’t help but think that for almost the same money I would much rather have Hamilton. This is not a criticism of that deal, though. It just goes to show what an amazing job BT has done with our Flames so far this offseason, and I suspect he is not done yet! #GoFlamesGo

    • TX Flame

      A good GM is never done but what does BT need to do?

      If he signed his own RFA’s 5 forwards: Bouma, Ferland, Jooris, Shore and Byron the team will be up against the cap. He currently has about $7m to play with. Once these guys are signed the team will have 15 NHL forwards under contract with at least 3 others pushing for a spot.

      On defense he has 5 top 4 proven NHL defenders and 3 guys pushing from the outside: Nakladal, Spoon and Morrison. As well as two replacement defenders who are paid too much.

      In net he has two proven NHL goalies and a young guy who looks ready.

      BT has work to do; like moving some of his questionable signings from last year like England $2.9M, Bollig $1.25 and Raymond$3.3m*. He needs to move one of his veteran goalies another @$4m. This would give him some flexibility to add the missing pieces going forward.

      He needs to get the Gio contract done as well. BT will be busy between now and October.