Report: Winnipeg Jets extend assistant coaching staff, and Rick St. Croix returns to organization

The Winnipeg Jets announced that they had re-signed Charlie Huddy, Pascal Vnicent, and Wade Flaherty to contracts, each with three years term.

The club’s article also mentioned that Rick St. Croix would be returning to the Winnipeg organization as the team’s developmental goaltending coach. St. Croix will be in charge of working with the team’s non-NHL goaltenders.

At this time, it is unknown if Dusty Imoo, who had been in that role for the Jets, is being retained or not. EDIT: Rick Ralph reported Dusty Imoo is no longer with the organization.

Charlie Huddy has been the Jets assistant coach since the move to Winnpeg. Huddy’s main responsibility has been the Jets defenders and defensive zone responsibilities. He has also helped with the Jets penalty kill systems.

Pascal Vincent has also been with the Jets organization since the move as an assistant coach. Vincent works on the opposite side of the bench as Huddy, with his main responsibilities being the Jets forward core and power play.

Wade Flaherty has been with the Jets since the move as well, but as the Jets’ NHL goaltending coach. His primary responsibility has been that of Ondrej Pavelec and his back-ups.

Rick St. Croix was the goaltender coach for the Manitoba Moose from the 2003-04 season to the 2010-11 season. After the Jets returned to Winnipeg, St. Croix sent the next season in St. John’s with the IceCaps, until the Toronto Maple Leafs hired him. It has also been suggested that St. Croix was the person responsible for the finding of Jets’ bluechip prospect, Connor Hellebuyck.

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    Wow, so depressing they brought Pascal Vincent back. Truly a horrible coach. He should have been canned with Noel. He’s done absolutely nothing with the powerplay. Brutal.