Winnipeg Jets Free Agency: Part Four – What would you do?

The Winnipeg Jets are entering 2015’s free agency and they have some holes to fill.

While free agency is no longer a place you can build a team, it is still a location where smart General Managers can efficiently supplement their core, pushing the team to the next level.

The Jets currently have about 54 million assigned for 2015, and Mark Chipman estimates the Jets to be about a third-quartile team in spending. After making the playoffs last season for the first time since the franchise’s move to Canada, the Jets will be looking to contend for a second time.

We now ask you what would you do if you had full control of the Jets?

Already in our series we looked at the Jets current depth and the holes in the roster that need to be filled.

We then went over some potential options for the Jets to fill these needs both internally and through free agency.

This is where we turn to you.

Let us know through the comments section what would be your plan of attack for free agency and the roster.

The rules of this will be simple:

1) You cannot exceed the Cap, and must leave some space for internal movement and budgeting.

2) You are limited to two trades only.

3) You have no buyout options.

4) You must garner a competitive roster that could fight for a playoff spot in the Central Division.

Let us know your thoughts on free agency and what you would want to see done… as long as it is realistic.