Some quotes from Kyle Connor

The Winnipeg Jets selected Kyle Connor as their first pick in this years draft and we’re pretty elated here at Jets Nation.

The draft is always fun as its an opportunity to meet and connect with new players. Many have no idea who these new additions to the organization are and it’s fun getting to learn a bit about these young, potential-future star players.

Jets Nation has overlord Thomas Drance on location and was able to grab some quotes from Kyle Connor.

On if Connor had any contact with the Winnipeg organization:

I had really good talks with them through the whole season. On draft day you never know what’s going to happen, but I’m really excited.

On how Connor sees his game style:

I like to play with a lot of speed, speed and skill, play with a fast pace but also have the ability to slow it down as well.

On whether Connor plans to play in the NCAA or elsewhere and his experience in the USHL:

Yes, I’m going to the university of Michigan… Every night in the USHL it’s a different team that can win. It’s such a competitive league, improved me as a person and a player.

On waiting to be selected:

It’s a little nervous (waiting to be picked), you never know what’s going to happen, but it’s out of your control and you cna’t do anything about it so you have to try and stay calm.

On what he knows about Winnipeg:

I know it’s cold up there, but they have passionate fans and it’s a real passionate hockey market.

Had he met recent Jet selections and former Michigan Wolves’ Andrew Copp or Jacob Trouba:

I met Andrew Copp, never met Jacob Trouba.

Who is his favourite player in the NHL:

My favourite player is Pavel Datsyuk, he’s just so creative with the puck.

With files from Thomas Drance.