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Oilers and Flames need help in the pipes, Cam Talbot, Eddie Lack, as many as 8 teams interested in Phil Kessel, top 5 trade destinations for Dion Phaneuf, McDavid, Kassian, Hudler, NHL buyout options, a great scrap, free agency, draft profiles and more in this week’s Roundup

In the roundup we go around the Nation Network and give you some of the best articles of the last couple weeks. Every once in a while it’s good to know what other teams are doing, or maybe you find an interesting article you wouldn’t have found otherwise.

Why a hot market for Cam Talbot could result in Nucks’ trading Eddie Lack

3 affordable UFA’s that could help the Canucks in the face-off circle

Canucks year in review: Zack Kassian

Why it’s time to give up on Zack Kassian as a playmaker

Lebrun: Asking price on Kessel very high

Report: 8 teams interested in Kessel

Top 5 trade destinations for Dion Phaneuf

5 Leafs players that are good enough to build around

Report: Flames calling about Rangers Cam Talbot

What to do with Jiri Hudler

Why the Flames won’t be buying anyone out

5 players the Flames could pick at 15th overall

Oilers: Markstrom or Lack?

Buying out Nikita Nikitin

Oilers: 12 potential starting goalie options

Oilers retain Tyler Dellow as consultant

Connor McDavid and the value of superstars – Classic scrap of the week

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        • RedMan

          you must be mistaken…

          a player this good can undoubtedly put any team over the top in any league he plays in, single-handedly, and for sure in the CHL where he could literally play all by himself and beat any team! Haven’t you heard??? the Oilers are already, finally, a legitimate NHL team just by having the chance to draft him!

          that is the type of miraculous effect he has everywhere he goes! let alone when he is actually drafted, the Oilers are odds on fave then to win the stanley cup AND world series, plus, and that’s before the season even starts! wait till the season starts! I am willing to bet that withing a few games, other teams refuse to play the Oilers,and the league actually just concedes the cup to the Oilers for lack of any other options!

      • RedMan

        you would think that after the last 5 or 6 years, Oiler fans would have learned to quite saying how good they are GOING to be as if it is an accomplished feat.

        Yes, McDavid is a great prospect that has all the earmarking of a generational player, but for gods sake you guys are already planning parades!

        If the last 6 years hasn’t taught you all to quit talking about how good you are going to be as if it translates to being good now – i suppose you never will.

  • Canadian Hockey Fan

    With all do respect to Cam Talbot, I’m not sure why most people are so high on him. Yes, he is the best backup in the game right now, but that was also partially because he was behind a great Ranger defence. Unless the Oilers are going to let Schultz and Nikitin go, and bring in some solid defenseman, why would they go after a goalie who has 2 years of NHL experience.