Winnipeg Jets By The Numbers: Lee Stempniak 2014-2015

The season has been laid to rest.

Fans have completed their lamenting of the Anaheim Ducks sweeping the Winnipeg Jets. The healing process has begun.

But, before full closure can be completed, an autopsy of the Jets season must be initiated.

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We turn our evidence-based breakdown of the Jets with another one of the Jets deadline acquisitions, Lee Stempniak.

The Basics

Screen shot 2015-05-26 at 9.16.13 AM

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Numbers include all situations including non 5v5 TOI.

Lee Stempniak scored two more points than the other rental Jiri Tlusty, and in two less games. Unlike Tlusty who had a severely stifled shooting percentage, Stempniak shot about twice his normal efficiency.

Stempniak’s assists though were not impacted much by percentages in either manner, so we could expect in future a 7 point in 18 game pace, ceteris paribus

Stempniak’s shot production was pretty solid for a bottom six piece and he also added additional value with drawing more penalties than he was called for.

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Screen shot 2015-05-10 at 11.53.19 PM

Graph courtesy of WAR-on-Ice.

Screen shot 2015-05-26 at 9.32.17 AM

Rankings are out of the Jets 17 forwards with 50+ 5v5 minutes, except special team minutes are each out of 11 Jet forwards.

Lee Stempniak was deployed more in the offensive zone than the defensive zone, but not because Paul Maurice was trying to use him as an offensive weapon. He faced middle of the road competition and his linemates were a little bit lower in quality than his competition.

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Stempniak gave utility to the Jets in all three situations, although he was the least used power play option for all Jets with 10 or more minutes.

Underlying Numbers

Screen shot 2015-05-26 at 9.43.54 AM

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Overall, Stempniak has performed as an above average third line winger for his time with the New York Rangers and the Winnipeg Jets.

history-WPG-Right Wing - LEE STEMPNIAK

Visual courtesy of Micah McCurdy.

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Stempniak predominately played with Jim Slater and Jiri Tlusty. For the most Stempniak was in the black, although he was in the red for a few minutes with his two primary linemates. He also played with Adam Lowry and Mathieu Perreault, where the three went on to dominate their competition.

Screen shot 2015-05-26 at 9.52.09 AM

Stempniak’s scoring was heavily inflated, so we’d expect his future to most likely be regressed by about 30 per cent. This would put him around 1.5 points per sixty minutes, on the dot average for a third line winger.

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Stempniak was above average in nearly every category. Apparently he really likes being ranked ninth.

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Final Thoughts

Overall Stempniak is a good third line winger. He can scores, pushes the play, out attempts, out chances, and provides value like an above average third line winger.

He can play even strength and the penalty kill, while being an okay tertiary option for the power play.

If Stempniak is playing in your bottom six, you are doing a-okay.

  • t_bison

    I like Kostalek, Trouba and Morrisey to build a team around. It isn’t a perfect strategy; the old NHL Jets never won a series with 5 defenceman…
    Trouba and Kostalek are very similar to Phaneuf and Lydman, with Morrisey and Regher having similar talent levels. Starting from about 2 years from now, for a decade after that, I’d try to get those three always signed and other acquisitions to build a team around them. This year’s draft is the last that will be NHL ready in two years.
    Hintz and Rantanen look good in this draft. Both Teraivanen type prospects. Will analyze the Trouba class 1st two rounds in depth. Maybe Ceci and Forsberg are the best?