Ducks sweep Jets in first playoff performance since move back to Winnipeg

It was what it was, and now it’s over. The Anaheim Ducks have swept the Jets.

Bryan Little opened up the scoring for the Jets to a very loud cheer, only to have Emerson Etem tie it up a few minutes later.

The Jets stepped up the pressure early in the second, holding the Ducks without a shot for the first seven and a bit minutes of play. Frederik Andersen stood strong though, shutting the door and weathering the storm. Not long thereafter Andrew Cogliano scored his first goal of the series to give the Ducks the lead.

Early in the third Ryan Kesler –the thorn in the Jets side– picked up his second goal for the extra insurance. It seemed like all was lost at this point, but the Jets did not give up. Mark Stuart brought the Jets within one.

It was not meant to be though, as Ryan Kessler picked up the goal on the empty net, eliminating the Jets from the playoffs.

Three Keys

Staff(ord) Infection – There has been an on going pattern in the playoffs (and the regular season too) with whatever line Drew Stafford is on tends to get obscenely pinned in their own zone, a lot. Why? I’m not sure. I know why he’s not a good two-way player: he struggles with inside position, puck support, defensive assignments, and board battles. Still, his impact has been noticeably terrible.

Not so #Pavelectric – In typical Pavelecian fashion, Ondrej Pavelec finishes the season with three Really Bad Starts, no Quality Starts, and no games in between. Overall Pavelec finished the post season with a 0.891 save percentage. You cannot single out the goaltender on a team that was outshot too often (something rare for the Jets) but you will not go anywhere with a 0.891 save percentage.

This is only the beginning – The Jets may be done for the season but they are not done. They have most of the quality players signed for the long run and a pretty decent prospect cupboard looking to come in and make some noise. To next year!

Charts and Stuff

Jets Individual 5v5 individual statistics:

Individual scoring chances (iSC), shot attempt differential (Corsi +/-), non-blocked shot attempt differential (Fen +/-), and offensive zone face off as percentage of all non-neutral zone face-offs:

Screen shot 2015-04-22 at 9.32.57 PM

Shot attempt chart for all minutes:

chart (27)


Shot location chart:

Screen shot 2015-04-22 at 10.11.05 PM

(Courtesy: war-on-ice)

Gif Recap


Another sad day (sorry I used this too often but I love this gif).

  • t_bison

    It was a pretty good season and while I am disappointed with the playoff showing we still made tremendous progress this year.

    Now upcoming for the offseason is the challenge.

    1) Do you sign Frolik? (Probably)
    2) Do you sign Stempniak? (Yes)
    3) Do you sign Tlusty? (Maybe)
    4) Who replaces Slater? (Ehlers? Petan? O’Dell?)
    5) Can you get something for Stafford? (4th round in this year’s draft)
    6) Is it time to sell high on Pavelec?

    and finally, how will this all jive with the Jet’s internal & the NHL’s caps as well as next year’s contracts?

    • Robert Cleave

      Many good questions.

      1. Yes, if they can keep the tag under 5M. He’s only 27 so going 5 years doesn’t bother me, so 5 x 4.5 works. The Jets having cap space in a flat marketplace might work for them, even given that Walsh is his agent.

      2. Yes. 2 years 1.5-1.7M, maybe? Useful guy for a 9th-10th F.

      3.If he’s willing to play for what he got this year for a couple of years, maybe. He can likely do better on the market, but I certainly don’t hate the guy. Do think there’s a chance that Burmistrov gets his slot and dollars.

      4. Copp should be in that mix as well, but whoever it is, the Jets have to quit tossing away roster spots on non-players. Winnipeg doesn’t have any elite forwards that can carry an imbalanced roster, so they really should try to ice 12 proper NHLers rather than 8-10 with 2 lost slots.

      Hell, even a roster with the best forward and one of the next 5-10 best forwards in the league is a game away from being out in the first round, so it seems to me that the days of leaning on a handful of guys up front are basically done. Anaheim, as an example, has top end skill, but they had Fleischmann as their 4C last night. He’s a top 6-9 guy slumming. Jets had Slater, who’s a 15th forward.

      Beyond mere ability at any one spot, my theory, and it’s just that, is that the injury/fatigue issues we saw late in the year and the playoffs might have been exacerbated by the fact the team really only had 8 decent forwards for the first 60 games of the season. Those guys pushed themselves incredibly hard, and kudos to them for that, but I can’t help but think that having a deeper bench might have allowed them the chance to rest and heal along the way.

      5. Unlikely, and they should let him walk. Stafford was better than nothing with Kane hurt and on the way out, but that roster slot should be Ehlers’ to lose next fall.

      6. Sweet Baby Jesus, yes. If a team is fool enough to take him on, move him.

      The Jets have enough cap room and budget room to get everyone in the house for next year, and if they could ever wash Pavs and use H and H in net, they’d have cash for other things that would be more efficient in getting wins.

      I’ll add a few other things. The Jets’ D looked pretty slow and untrustworthy under forecheck pressure this week, and they might want to rethink how they’ve built that group.

      The lack of skill and general skating ability other than Enstrom at LD is pretty glaring, and Myers/Buff are no speedsters at RD, although they do enough that under normal circumstances you can live with what they bring.

      I’m convinced that he’s Winnipeg’s version of Kelly Buchberger, so they’ll never do it, but moving Stu would be a very good thing. Leadership without the ability to be a difference maker on the ice isn’t worth that much, imo, and that’s about where we are with Stuart.

      Where to find a replacement’s another matter, obviously. The one decent LD that’s a plus skater and isn’t geriatric on the UFA market is Sekera, and he’ll likely find his dough elsewhere, so they might have to find a guy via trade. With more teams realizing that all your D have to be mobile, might be tough to pull off. Shame the Jets have almost 6M tied up for next year in Stu, Clitsome, and Harrison. They’d a lot better off with 1 guy that could really play making all that dough rather than 3 guys that don’t move the needle.

      • X

        Just dumping Stuart would be a huge upgrade, the salary savings + any replacement-level LD would be a big win for the Jets. If Clitsome can play next season he is a big upgrade on Stuart.