Jets Nation Recap: Jets win almost meaningless game

The game may not have meaning for standings or playoff positioning, but not one Jet who was dressed would say the game was meaningless.

The Jets came out with a rocky start, with the Michael Ferlund scoring his NHL debut goal on the very first shot of the game. Only 15 seconds later, Drew Stafford tied up the game.

Not much occurred thereafter, other than some very open play as expected with both teams dressing the B-Squad.

Michael Frolik scored early in the third for his 19th of the season, which opened up the flood gates. The Jets scored an additional three goals from Lee Stempniak, Adam Lowry, and Matt Halischuk.

Let’s break it down.

Three Keys

Pond Hockey – Both teams rested their top players for the playoffs. As one would guess, the overall talent level was significantly lower than norm and the play was more reminiscent to a match in the American Hockey League. Still, hockey is hockey.

Training Wings – Andrew Copp had quite the impressive NHL debut. He came from the NCAA exactly as advertise. Copp was responsible defensively and was able to chip in some offense as well. An even Corsi differential, positive Fenwick differential, while generating three scoring chances individually and setting up an assist. Welcome to Winnipeg Andrew!

Dominant Third – The Jets lost the possession battle overall, but carried the play in the third. The Jets out attempted the Flames 16-11 at even strength and out chanced ten to five.

Charts and Stuff

Jets Individual 5v5 individual statistics:

Individual scoring chances (iSC), shot attempt differential (Corsi +/-), non-blocked shot attempt differential (Fen +/-), and offensive zone face off as percentage of all non-neutral zone face-offs:

Screen shot 2015-04-11 at 2.41.45 PM

Shot attempt chart for all minutes:

chart (22)


Shot location chart:

Screen shot 2015-04-11 at 2.48.00 PM

(Courtesy: war-on-ice)

Gif Recap


Nice warmup; time for the playoffs.