Hockey Graphs Podcast Episode 12: Sbisa Money

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On our 12th episode, we look at the Canucks and Jets making the playoffs, the Derek Dorsett and Luca Sbisa contract signings, and spend too much time looking at draft eligible prospects once again. Join us after the jump to listen!

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  • FishWhiskey

    I think everyone is underestimating Sbisa somewhat. He is 25 years old, England is 33 years old. This year, Sbisa played much better when he played more and he is a left side defender.

    It is hard to find d-men like Sbisa, he is physical and plays a heavier game than you are giving him credit for. I agree he needs to improve to make this deal a positive but I think he will pull it off. By all accounts he works extremely hard and is a great team guy (good character).

    • FishWhiskey

      Sbisa was garbage on both the right and left side.

      His even strength corsi was 46% paying with Hamhuis (Sbisa on the right) and 48% without Hamhuis, however, his Corsi against rate was actually worse when he played the left side.

      No amount of improvement will make this deal positive, because they could (and should) have paid much less based on the leverage they had in negotiations.

    • Finding defensemen like Sbisa who play physical game is actually easy.
      Finding defensemen who play heavy game like Sbisa and actually play competently, unlike Sbisa, is the harder part.

      You can be heavy and good. You can be heavy and bad.

      Remember, the reason why you play a particular way is because you want those results in shots and goals.

  • bossram

    it’s not a matter of being certain about the future but just looking at facts based on his past play. saying he will improve is betting on the future contrary to the facts. it may happen but it’s not worth a 3.6M bet. would you pay 3.6m for alberts or rome?

    • bossram

      I never suggested that they pay $3.6M for Alberts or Rome because we were discussing Lucas Sbisa (sarcasm).

      Sbisa’s physical attributes are not the problem, his decision making skills are. With experience, those decision making skills should improve drastically…the same cannot be said for a player who does not have his physical skills.

  • Sound and volume level is WAY better this time. Thank you!

    Coolerheads – I agree with you about Sbisa’s physical attributes vs decision-making – he skates well, he can shoot the puck, he can throw a hit – the physical tools are there. The question is whether his decision-making will improve *enough* in the future to make him anything more than a bottom-pairing defenceman. It’s possible, but it’s not likely.