Jets Nation Recap: Winnipeg Jets increase streak to three with shootout win

Make it three in a row!

The Winnipeg Jets beat the St. Louis Blues in the cointoss after a game that was a dominant effort by the Jets, where Brian Elliot and the post were the only things keeping the Blues in the game.

The game started with a tight checking and scoreless first period, with neither team holding a major advantage over the other.

This all changed in the second. The Jets dominated in terms of scoring chances and puck possession, but Elliott kept on stopping everything the Jets threw at him. David Backes then opened up the scoring from a nice cross-ice feed by Paul Statsny.

The Jets continued pressing into the third after what could have been a disheartening moment. Their diligence paid off with Drew Stafford scoring on a backhand about midway in the third.

With nothing solved in overtime, the Jets moved to the shootout. Goals from Drew Stafford and Andrew Ladd with Ondrej Pavelec stopping two of three ultimately gave Jets the win.

Let’s break it down.

Three Keys

Stafford Infection – Stafford played arguably his best game of the season. Tying goal in both regulation and the shootout. He carried a +6 Corsi and +3 Fenwick while generating six scoring chances. Stafford has been picking up points, but his overall game had left a bit to be desired as of late… not today though.

Pavelectric – Pavelec kept the hot streak alive, putting up another impressive performance. There were a few scary moments, like his first diving save coming from poor following the puck. It doesn’t matter how you save the puck though, only how often. Pavelec did what was needed and more. Elliot performed excellently in the net, but Pavelec was better.

Switch in Deployment – We at Jets Nations recently discussed the Jets deployment since the injuries with Bryan Little and Dustin Byfuglien. One suggestion we made was with switching the zone pushes for the Scheifele and Lowry line. Now, we are not saying the Jets read Jets Nations, but the change was made and the returns came in full. Both of the top lines killed it in possession and the Scheifele line generated a glut of scoring chances.

Charts and Stuff

Jets Individual 5v5 individual statistics:

Individual scoring chances (iSC), shot attempt differential (Corsi +/-), non-blocked shot attempt differential (Fen +/-), and offensive zone face off as percentage of all non-neutral zone face-offs:

Screen shot 2015-03-19 at 7.50.59 PM

Shot attempt chart for all minutes:

chart (12)


Shot location chart:

Screen shot 2015-03-19 at 8.15.47 PM

(Courtesy: war-on-ice)

Gif Recap


What a game!!! What a great potential first round matchup!