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The Flames are not the Avalanche of last year, Kadri drama in Toronto, the perfect line combinations, player power rankings, leadership, the 2015 draft and more in this week’s Roundup brought to you by Draftkings.

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  • Oilers fans are very patient, indeed.
    McEichel will never improve your team’s dismal performances game in & game out.
    Just like in years past with Hall, Nuge or Yaks.
    Nine full years or futile rebuilds on a shaky foundation of managerial ineptitude, inexperience, blatant mistacalculations and down right arrogant fails.
    Nine full years and the Oilers are fighting for yet another #1 overall draft pick: this is the definition of insanity. Insanity on the fans’ part under the guise of “loyalty” and under no disguise from the management.
    Enjoy yet another futile performance tonight, you fans are being cheated all the way to Katz’ coffers.


    • To be fair, the rebuild did not begin 9 years ago (after Stanley Cup Final loss). Management did not approach a scorched earth policy until the Taylor Hall Draft Year, 2010. Prior to this, management attempted numerous transactions to help them get into the playoffs (chasing Hossa, Khabibulin etc). As you have correctly asserted, the Oilers have endured 9 years of “shaky foundation of managerial ineptitude, inexperience, blatant miscalculations and down right arrogant fails” but this does not mean rebuilding.

      By this logic, the Flames have been rebuilding since 2008-9 – the last time the made the playoffs. Using your logic, you can also argue that they have been rebuilding since 2003-2004 because even though they made the playoffs four times after their appearance in the SCF, they were not built to win and have been trying to ‘get it right’ since 2003.

      Though it has been 9 years for Oilers fans, I’d argue that rebuilding did not start until 2013 when they sent Darnel Nurse back to junior and did not let Leon Drai. waste away this entire season. Those are rebuilding decisions.

      Inserting 1st overall into the line up is not and rushing junior players to the AHL is not.

      Unfortunately, it will probably be another 2 years until the Oilers begin competing. By then Hall will have 3 years left on his contract, Ebs 2 (?) and Nuge 3 (?)(assuming no one is traded) The window to compete – let alone win – is low.

      Lastly, while it is great to see the Flames in the picture hunt as it allows Oilers fans to criticize management more so, I’d caution on proclaiming the Flames rebuild a success. One year does not make a success – lets wait to see how they do the next 1-3 years, minimum. Let’s just remember the Colorado Avalanche.

      • piscera.infada

        Lastly, while it is great to see the Flames in the picture hunt as it allows Oilers fans to criticize management more so, I’d caution on proclaiming the Flames rebuild a success. One year does not make a success – lets wait to see how they do the next 1-3 years, minimum. Let’s just remember the Colorado Avalanche.

        No one (at least here, or FN, more narrowly) proclaimed the Flames “rebuild” “done”. It’s fairly obvious when looking at the “sustainability of this season’s success” as well as the gaps in the organization (notably, defense) to see that. However, the arrows for the Flames organization are pointing in the right direction. Who’s carrying the team? A bunch of players under 24 and Mark Giordano. There are also more young players on the way. Also in fairness to the original poster, they never said anything about the Flames “rebuild” being a success. Flames management has acknowledged this multiple times this season–including their actions during the trade-deadline, and several quotes from Treliving stating the team “is still in asset acquisition mode”. Will they make the playoffs this year? No idea. Will they go anywhere if they do? Probably not. Will they be worse next year? Maybe. Could they be better in possession and thus, better next season? Again, possible.

        Additionally, you can argue the Oilers “rebuild” began in earnest in 2013, but I would respectfully disagree. I will agree with you that it hasn’t been 9 years, but I would argue the logical point that the Taylor Hall draft began the “rebuild”. That is when Oilers’ management came out with their infamous “5 year window” in which management acknowledged that the team would likely not be able to compete is that window (probably one of the worst public acknowledgements by a management group in pro-sports history). Frankly, 2013 is simply when they decided that what they were doing with regards to “rushing players into the lineup” wasn’t working–and I don’t think you can discount that they did do that with Draisaitl, but that just blew up in their face entirely.

        • Burnward

          Sorry, to clarify. 2010 is when the rebuild “officially” began. Prior to that, management was attempting to make the playoffs (similar to the Flames, until they traded away Iginla and Bouwmeester)

          I am arguing that 2013 is when management FINALLY started making smart decisions in regard to a proper rebuilding strategy (in terms of prospects).

          That said, I have little faith in management and would not be surprised to see Nurse, Drai, and whoever they get this year in the line up next year.

          Its not about drinking the Koolaid its about keeping the narrative as close to the truth. It has not been 9 years of rebuilding. That is the point.

          Also, I am aware that the Flames have not be rebuilding since 2003 OR 2008. I used those extreme examples to underscore the gaps in the other individuals argument.

          Oilers fans can only wish to be in the Flames current playoff position. So I am not trying to taking anything away from that accomplishment.

      • cmandev77

        2010-2015 is 5 years. Most teams agree that in 5 years of a rebuild you should be competing in the play-offs, not starting to rebuild your entire defensive and goaltending corps. Fans have every right to be upset with a rebuild taking longer then this.

        This is about the Oilers, not the Flames. Although they have a pretty nice foundation right now.

        Earlier you said the rebuild started in 2010 and now you are saying 2013, I am confused by your comments…

        We have more then 2 years before this team can compete. We have NO 1,2D, No 2,3C, No 1G. It will take more then 2 years to develop these positions. Not to mention trying to sign anyone as a free agent will involve over-paying.

        The Flames are not the Colorado Avalanche. I see a pretty good looking team there. The West is such a competitive Conference that any year last years Dark Horse could easily be the next years 9th-12th placed team.

        I think what most fans want is a team that is built properly and can compete for years to come. If you told me we were going to take the Detroit RedWings path of developing players I would be O.K. with that. Give me a plan I can believe in and a management I can believe in too.

        • Burnward

          First, the Flames were chosen because they are in the most similar position to the Oilers. So yes, when speaking about rebuilding strategy it is fair to chosen a comparable organization.

          For clarification on 2010 & 2013, please read my other posting.

          My logic on two years: Unless an trade is made, it allows Nurse & Klefbom to develop as both should be part of the future D. Allows Leon and the new Draft time to develop as well. Depending on who they take this year (Strome or Hanifin)you either have 3 pieces of you D in Nurse, Klefbom and Hanifin or you have your 2 C in either Drai or Strome.

          We should also expect, at some point, a trade of one of MacTs ‘Core’ group for more developed defensive help (probably Ebs). There is also addition by subtraction: In two years, Ference is gone, you would hope Shultz will be playing 3 pairing minutes (or traded), Nikitin will be gone.

          By compete, I mean for the playoffs not they Stanley – big difference. This also assumes management is able to make at least a few decent bets.

          My comparison between Flames and Avalanche is simply in regards to unsustainable numbers. You are right, they have a fantastically built foundation that should improve. But regardless, any team that is consistently outshot and out chanced cannot reasonable be expected to win.

          Agree with you, 100%. The Oilers need a management group that give fans a sense of ease. We do not have that and they can realistically blow this up at any point.

  • Oscar Klefbom – 46 games played, 13 points & minus 21

    Anyone get the feeling that rushing him into the NHL to play with Mr. Jultz himself was maybe not the greatest idea? Guess they’re just getting him familiar with the terrible play and loser attitude that is oiler hockey

  • Dirty30

    MacT is unfit as a GM: he should be demoted to head coach. Just joking: show him the door.

    Howson??? Enough said: pink slip. Same for Lowe.

    Throw a grenade in both the player development and the scouting offices and walk away.

    What is Nicholson doing? Feeding at the Katz’ trough?

    Insert “capable, successful and experienced” trainers, coaches and no more clowns with a legacy Oilers link.

    See, Oilers fans, when you scratch the surface there are even more concerning issues than simply adding a #1G, #1-#2D and a few C & 1 X power fwd. This organization is a friggin’ mess through & through.

    No UFA in their right minds will come to Deadmonton on July 1….Unless they are grossly overpaid.

    Rebuild 3.0 starts in June

      • SSB1963

        First of all Petry was not going to resign here as he wanted to test the UFA market. Secondly it has been said that Perron was not happy with how he was being used in the lineup.

        • SSB1963

          Petry: Yes, would wouldn’t want to test UFA market when they are just a few months away from July. Management did not value Petry and moment he was signed to a 1 year extension indicated Oilers management did not have him in their ‘plan’.

          Perron: Again, you are correct – rumors persist that he was unhappy here. At the point, you find a solution to the issue (I mean, you have a proven top 6 F with grit – exactly what you need) Instead, management decided a 4th liner and a draft pick were better choices, moving forward.

          One can also argue that his unhappiness was not his use but the culture of the team re: his interview where he called out everyone. I’d argue Perron would have been happy playing a 3rd line Oilers team that was in playoff contention. Again, another failure on Management. As I mentioned earlier, you cannot expect three 1st overall to change the makeup and dynamics of a team – management failed to surround Hall, Nuge, EBs with responsible veterans. They also forgot about Yak for 1.5 years..but that is another story.

          So: Petry + Perron = 4th liner, a 1st, a 2nd and conditional 5th.

          This is called a reset.

      • SSB1963

        “Pee Wee wisdom” 🙂

        You must be confused in your sentence articulation there. Coilers management & coaches are full of pee wee wisdom…. Arguably looking at the standings that your sweetheart team finds itself every season since 2007, peewee 😉