Jets Nation Recap: Jets lose in skills competition

The game was a battle of wills between goaltenders that continued even into the overtime.

Patrick Berglund opened up the scoring in the second off a pass from Paul Statsny, with Mark Scheifele responding in the third to tie it up. The game then continued tied until the shootout, where the Blues scored two in the first round and the Jets were only able to come up with one.

Let’s break it down.

Three Keys

Hutch is back – Hutchinson has now two consecutive strong appearances in a row. The netminder saved 28 of 29 shots, nine of which came on the penalty kill. Hutchinson’s strong shootout performance comes to an end, but that streak was not going to last forever.

More goalies – Hutchinson played well, but unfortunately so did Brian Elliot. While Hutch finished the game with a 0.966 save percentage, Elliot finished with a 0.968. Hutch stopped one in the shootout. Elliot stopped two.

Welcome back skaters – The Jets had difficulty in solving Elliot, but that was not for lack of effort or chances. The Jets severely out performed their opponent for 5-on-5, but unfortunately penalties evened out the overall chances.

Charts and Stuff

Jets Individual 5v5 individual statistics:

Individual scoring chances (iSC), shot attempt differential (Corsi +/-), non-blocked shot attempt differential (Fen +/-), and offensive zone face off as percentage of all non-neutral zone face-offs:

Screen shot 2015-02-26 at 10.32.23 PM

Shot attempt chart for all minutes:

chart (6)


Shot location chart:

Screen shot 2015-02-26 at 10.35.51 PM

(Courtesy: war-on-ice)

Gif Recap


Can’t win them all…