Jets trade Evander Kane to Sabres in massive 7-player deal

The Winnipeg Jets have reportedly completed a trade that will send Evander Kane, Zach Bogosian, and unsigned goaltender Jason Kasdorf to the Buffalo Sabres in exchange for Tyler Myers, Drew Stafford, Brendan Lemieux, Joel Armia and a first round pick. 

The deal is reportedly final and the trade call has been made, according to ESPN’s Craig Custance. The teams have yet to approve the deal.

Obviously this is a massive seven-player swap, and a very curious trade from a Jets perspective. 

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The trade probably improves them in the short-term, but only because Kane is injured and wasn’t going to play again this season. At the very least adding a right wing like Stafford goes a long way towards addressing the Jets’ forward depth issues, and allows the club to move Dustin Byfuglien back to the blue-line where he’s significantly more effective

Myers, 25, is the biggest piece from the Jets perspective. A 6-foot-7 defender with solid skating ability, Myers’ on-ice impact has been in decline for several years since he won the Calder Trophy for rookie of the year back in 2010. Of the 13 skaters with whom Myers has shared the ice for more than 400 minutes at 5-on-5 since the 2011-12 season, 10 have fared worse with Myers by shot attempt differential than they’ve fared alongside him. 

I’ve generally been convinced that Myers is miscast as a top-of-the-roster defenseman, and it hasn’t helped that he’s been holding down major minutes on a historically bad club in Buffalo. Still there’s an argument to be made that Myers is an inferior player to Bogosian, both now and going forward.

Bogosian, 24, has outproduced Myers by a wide margin at 5-on-5 over the past four seasons, though he’s similarly had a slight negative impact on his teammates’ shot differentials. Actually Myers’ and Bogosian’s with or without you profile is essentially identical: 10 of the 13 players with whom Bogosian has shared the ice for more than 400 5-on-5 minutes since 2011 have fared worse by Corsi For percentage with Bogosian, than they’ve done without him.

Beyond their similar two-way results, Bogosian and Myers are on closely aligned contracts – both are signed through 2019 to deal that carry an annual average value above $5 million (Myers’ deal has a $5.5 million cap-hit, Bogosians has a $5.14 million cap-hit). 

Far and away the most valuable piece going either way in this trade is Kane, a 23-year-old power forward who has consistently scored at a top-line rate in his NHL career. With everything that’s happened it was probably impossible for the Jets to keep Kane, but if we consider the Myers-Bogosian portion of the deal as a straight up swap, then essentially Kane netted the Jets two decent prospects in Lemieux and Armia, a reasonably effective rental player in Stafford, and a first-round pick. 

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That’s not a bad return considering the context, but long-term you’d objectively rather have a player of Kane’s youth and quality than the quantity of iffy futures that the Jets are receiving in return. 

If nothing else we’ll never be able to say that Kevin Cheveldayoff doesn’t trade NHL players. That meme is dead. 

Overall the Sabres appear to have made out very well in terms of accelerating the timeline of their rebuilding efforts. The Jets meanwhile managed to make lemonade out of the stones they were handed late last week as a result of the incident between Kane and his teammates. 

That lemonade might be a bit sour, and surely isn’t worth the 50 cents paid to some enterprising local seven-year-old. Extraordinary circumstances backed the Jets into a corner here though, and viewed in that context, this will play.

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    • Bean-counting cowboy

      Not when you consider that it was never going to work with Kane in Winnipeg. Although Bogosian is not as over-rated as Myers, the two decent propsects and 1st round pick in a deep draft make up for it in my opinion.

      I think it is a good deal for both. Myers and Stafford will at least be a bit more motivated for a playoff push – Kane wasn’t doing much this year anyways for the Jets before he got hurt.

      Jets need to make the playoffs this year and with the guy that isn’t part of the long term plan being hurt, a trade to shore up that playoff spot with a team like Buffalo was a good move for them.

    • Matty Franchise Jr

      Kane…Bad apple and all about Evander
      Bogo… Issues that required 6 weeks off while no injury present…hmmm his live in Trouba also missed six weeks with no visible injury. They weren’t getting therapy from the trainers but they were getting therapy..ask Eric Clapton why Chevy shipped him outta town…”he don’t like, he don’t like, he don’t like…CO…AINE”

  • Stewsquared

    Jets got volume but Sabres win the trade.

    Don’t be fooled by the value of Lemieux and Armia. Both project as third liners. The first rounder the Jets got will likely be bottom 5, which probably gets them another third liner at best.

    Bogosian for Myers is probably a saw-off.

    Bottom line – the Sabres walk away with a top line player – albeit a kid with an attitude. And the Jets get some spare parts for the future, and Stafford – a serviceable player to help push towards the playoffs.

    Sabres win the deal, no question.

    • cmandev77

      You say that like 3rd liners at t important. Without quality 3rd and 4th liners you won’t win anything.

      I like this deal for both team. Buffalo takes the risk hoping Kane will grow up and one day pretend hes a pro athlete, jets take less risk hoping Myers will turn into a stud.

      The 2 prospects arnt just random prospects, they both have a legitimate shot at being quality 3/4 liners that can contribute. And who knows what you get with the first pick in a deep draft.

      I like this trade for both teams. Good deal

  • Stewsquared

    Considering the circumstances, this is a great deal for the Jets in my opinion. Myers and Bogosian may be similar now, but I still believe Myers has a higher ceiling (realizing he’s a year older).

    The Jets and Kane were over. Him leaving is addition by subtraction. It sucks because his skill-set is tantalizing. But there’s no guarantee he’ll ever be able realize it.

  • Matty Franchise Jr

    Chevy should have acted way earlier – terrible asset management. There’s chatter about the jets doing well relative to the circumstances.

    They should have sold when that stock was $100 but they sold when it was $60.

  • cmandev77

    In my opinion the Jets won this deal hands down. Evander Kane has played 1 full season in the NHL since he has been drafted and that was the lockout season. Since he has been in the NHL, out of a possible 540 games he has played in 361. In those 361 games he has produced 222 points. That is 222 points out of a possible 540 games.

    He is very injury prone and brings a horrible attitude with him. Could he of finished the year before getting surgery, especially with the Jets in a playoff race? I am sure he could of. That shows how much heart he has.

    I like the prospects we got back. Lemieux will most likely be a 3rd liner at best but he is a team player and is a very big boy who can score when needed too.

    Armia could be a 2nd liner and could produce at a decent pace in the NHL. I like him.

    This is a very deep pool so I am sure the player the Jets pick will turn into an NHL’er.

    We also get the rental of Drew Stafford who can help the Jets get into the playoffs or be traded at the deadline still for more prospects.

    The Myers for Bogosian deal hurts as I prefer Bogosian over Myers but Winnipeg had to send something over to Buffalo to even the deal.

    This is my opinion on the trade, I am sure everyone else has their own that they think is right.

  • Matty Franchise Jr

    Stafford is a UFA after this season by the way. I wonder how hard the Jets try to sign him. He’s always seemed like a slightly above 3rd liner to me.

  • Matty Franchise Jr

    Herein lies the problem with CorsiRel. The Jets have a very good blueline, and thus, it is much more difficult to make d partners better with you than without you. It’s all relative… In Buffalo, meanwhile, their backend is a disaster. To not be able to make your d partners improve on a team with arguably the worst d-core in the league is a massive red flag. I find it hard to believe that Bogosian’s WOWY stats wouldn’t be much improved on a much inferior Buffalo d-core.

  • vetinari

    As an outsider with no horses in this race, I think that the Jets did well today by subtracting a problem and distraction from their roster in return for both some immediate and long term help. Good trade for Winnipeg and good trade for the Sabres.

  • Jeanm3

    Since four of the players involved have played one or less NHL game, and three of the others are 25 or less years old, it seems premature to assign a win/lose to this deal.

    I look forward to seeing what Kane can do with more minutes in Buffalo.