Dylan Strome is an exciting 2015 draft prospect. 6.03, 187 with exceptional hands and some astounding boxcars, he is expected to be taken near the top of the draft. What does he bring? What are his down arrows? Let’s have a look.


Dylan Strome is the good Strome and the other one is terrific. There’s a lot to be said for bloodlines and Strome’s successful brother probably gives scouts and hockey men some cover in ranking him. If your team is risk averse—and if they’re in the lottery the sure as hell better be—then Dylan Strome is a solid choice after the top two selections. 

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  1. C Connor McDavid, Erie Otters (OHL) 6.075, 195.
  2. C Jack Eichel, Boston U (NCAA) 6.02, 196.
  3. D Noah Hanifin, Boston College (NCAA) 6.02, 205.
  4. C Dylan Strome, Erie Otters (OHL) 6.03, 187.
  5. L Lawson Crouse, Kingston Frontenacs (OHL). 6.04, 211.
  6. D Zach Werenski, Michigan (NCAA). 6.02, 206.
  7. R Mikko Rantanen, TPS Turku (SML). 6.035, 211.
  8. C Pavel Zacha, Sarnia Sting (OHL) 6.03, 210.
  9. L Evgeni Svechnikov, Cape Breton Screaming Eagles (QMJHL). 6.02, 199
  10. R Nikita Korostelev, Sarnia Sting (OHL). 6.125, 195.

If your team is selecting somewhere in the top 15, these names will be familiar to you on draft day and one of them may land in your team’s favorite sweater. Strome is among the tallest and he has a ‘projectable frame’ as the scouts like to say. His brother Ryan is listed by as 6.01, 196 today and was 6.00, 175 on draft day according to Central Scouting.The younger Strome may also put on 20 or so pounds, meaning he’d play somewhere around 210.

Strome’s major appeal is his offense. He currently leads the entire OHL in points, which is somewhat misleading since Connor McDavid has been injured and was away at the World Juniors. Still, it’s quite an accomplishment for a draft eligible to be at the top of the scoring race in the world’s best junior league:

ohl top scorers

According to the brilliant, Strome ranks No. 2 in estimated points-per-60 (behind McDavid and slightly ahead of Mitch Marner) in what is an epic battle of 17-year olds.

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  • Dan Stewart, Future Considerations: “Strome has been progressively more impressive in each of my views this
    season and is someone who really does not yet know how dominant he can
    be in this league. His game will only become more impressive as he
    learns to fully utilize his great size, reach and adds more strength to
    his frame. This kid will breakout eventually and will be almost
    impossible to contain once he does.”
  • Mike Morreale, “Ryan Strome told me that his brother plays with a little more of an
    edge than he did his draft year. Similarly, both Ryan and Dylan have
    that competitive edge and grittiness. Dylan wants the puck and wants to
    score and wants to win. He’s driven and has that competitive edge. I
    think a fair comparison is a Ryan Kesler or a Cory Perry type; a guy
    who’s a strong skater, has agility and that reach that scouts love to
  • Source


  • ISS Scouting Director Dennis MacInnis: “I like Strome: He’s got a lot of offensive upside to his game, good
    size, lots of potential for down the road. The one thing he’s got to work on is his skating
    because it’s not explosive. He’s very dangerous on the power play, but
    he’s got to work on his skating.”

There’s also the concern over with or without you scoring for Strome because McDavid is his teammate. A recent look by Rickithebear (poster on Lowetide) revealed the following:

  • McDavid is around 3.30 PPG when playing with Strome, he is 1.91 PPG without Strome.
  • Strome is 2.65 PPG with McDavid, he is 1.61 PPG without McDavid.

McDavid is zooming Strome, but it’s also vice versa. My take? Connor McDavid is actual Jesus, Strome is a helluva an apostle.

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  • rnj

    How Oiler fans want Strome over Hannifin blows my mind Oilers can score with the best of them. The biggest problem with this team is their Horrendous d. Hannifin would be their best option at 3. Second line center are a dime a dozen. Top pairing d aren’t.

  • cmandev77

    I would love to see McDavid, Eichel or Strome in an Oiler uniform. All three look fantastic. If Dylan is better then Ryan he will be one hell of an NHL player. Strome played really well without McDavid so I imagine he will be fine in the NHL with the talent Edmonton has. (Yes we do have a ton of talent.)

  • RedMan

    I realize that the NHL will not start to use the relegation strategy that soccer uses to put teams like the oilers into leagues in which they can actually compete, no matter how many years they demonstrate the value of relegation,


    What about the Nations Network using the RELEGATION system to balance out the power?

    The OILERS NATION is so depressing… where can it be relegated to?