First Star, Worst Star: February 8, 2015


We’re close to 3/4 of the way through the season, the playoff race is heating up, games are becoming more meaningful by the day, and Oiler and Leaf fans are making plans for their annual No-Playoffs Spring. And since it’s the first Sunday without any football to distract us why don’t you go ahead and use this weeks First Star, Worst Star to ignore your family! 


The Buffalo Sabres are bad. Like, even-worse-than-the-Oilers bad! And on Saturday night one play was able to encapsulate their entire doomed campaign. 

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This play is almost perfect. Tyler Myers using his gargantuan size for once to make a huge hit. Jamie Benn getting caught puck watching. And Myers’ own defensive partner Josh Gorges taking the worst of the impact. The only thing that would have made this play go Full Buffalo was if Meyers ended up putting the puck into his own net. I’m not holding my breath for Myers to become as impactful of a defenseman as he was hyped up to be coming into his draft, but if he starts laying the body like this more often I’ll start becoming more of a fan. Maybe next time he’ll take out the entire Sabres forward line! I can’t wait! 


This story has already been beaten to death, but my lord Evander Kane and the Jets, what are you doing?

I thought that Kane wasn’t getting a fair shake early on his career. It seemed to me like one of those stupid hockey things where a guy is somehow showing TOO much personality, so therefore he wasn’t a team first guy, whose soul purpose was to to out there and execute the game plan and give 110%. 

However it seems pretty clear that he wasn’t doing much to help himself. When your teammates are throwing your clothes into the shower like it’s bantam summer hockey school all over again, something is obviously rotten in the state of Denmark. 

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And neither side is coming out of this looking great. Kane has basically cemented his reputation as a problem child, which will theoretically make it harder for the Jets to trade him for fair value, meaning he may have to wait even longer for his ticket out of Manitoba. And the Jets have alienated one of their best young players, and have allowed themselves to be wrapped up in unnecessary drama as they’re holding onto a wild card spot for dear life. 

This story went from interesting tabloid gossip to a soapbox for the morally superior to stand up on and wring their hands over a player being a prima donna. It’s silly and sad and I’m sure we’ll all be better off when this finally ends in a messy divorce. And on a completely unrelated note I feel as if the Edmonton Oilers and their fans would welcome Evander Kane with open arms. But that’s neither here nor there… 

  • Quicksilver ballet

    Pass on Kane. Another player with entitlement issues. Jets should let him ride the remainder of the season in the press box. While skating his guts out in practice.

    • And EVEN BETTER I read an article a day before he was put on IR for this talking about how if and when he did shut it down for the season to fix his injured shoulder it was a clear indication that he had quit on the team……

      • RKD

        Byfuglein threw his track suit in the shower, Kane cried, threw a hissy fit and decided he didn’t wanna play for the jets anymore. The surgery was a good excuse to not play for them anymore

        • Jordan88

          Lmao!!! This is the first I have heard of this story, but after reading about the shower thing, I just knew it would be Big Buff that did it.

          Popular culture would have anyone that puts an ass hole in their place labeled as a bully, but it’s just fine in my books.

  • camdog

    “The Buffalo Sabres are bad. Like, even-worse-than-the-Oilers bad!”

    As bad as Buffalo is, they still have 2 more wins than Edmonton and have won more games against Western Conference Teams than Edmonton has. In fact every single Eastern Conference team has more wins against the West (in less games) than Edmonton has.

    With Hall heading back to E-town to get his ankle checked out this team is heading backwards quickly.

  • RKD

    Can people please stop spreading the myth that the sabres are that much worse than the oilers!

    The sabres are only 2 points behind them and have actually won 2 more games. The oilers are just as bad as the sabres. I do not care what your fancy stats say.

  • RKD

    Evander Kane is making Johnny Football look good. Holding the stacks of money to his ear, then doing it again with the stacks on his back. Either he’s a troublemaker or he’s a troubled person. Good for Big Buff throwing his stuff in the shower. No one wants a brat in the dressing room, Kane needs to know his role shut his mouth and score goals. If Kane did not want to be a Jet then he could have asked for a trade. He will probably still end up in a non-hockey market and excel there. He’s never worn a track suit to team meeting before, why do it now? To get traded without asking. He knows better but he’s doing this stuff on purpose to piss enough people off to get traded.

  • RKD

    ” I feel as if the Edmonton Oilers and their fans would welcome Evander Kane with open arms.”

    Not a bloody chance!! Keep him, his pre Madonna attitude and his inflated contract as far away as possible!!

  • CMG30

    I just hope to all that’s holy that Craig has learned his lesson. We absolutely cannot start next season without a proven #1 goalie and several major upgrades on defense.

    The only think I have to be thankful for is that this Kane situation is not happening in Edmonton.

  • Jordan88

    My take on Kane, is no different then Patrick Kane or Tyler Seguin.

    Young players who need to mature.

    Patty Kane grew up during the lockout playing in europe.
    Seguin grew up after he was dealt for his partying ways to Dallas

    Kane will grow up when the jets move him at the all time bargain low price of a 3rd 4th D man or a top 9 forward. (3rd line and a 2nd rounder probably)

    Kane will see a change of scenery realize his antics probably cost him a few million and focus on the game and become a top 6 forward winnipeg wishes they had.

  • camdog

    Update on Hall ankle injury:

    Injury happened in late January. Missed a couple of games and played a couple of games. Flew to Toronto with the team and today he flew back to Edmonton to get the ankle looked at.

    I think the worst start of the week should go to the Edmonton Oilers for once again not looking after their players.