Report: Jets open to moving depth defender in pursuit of top-9 forward

View image | Winnipeg Jets general manager Kevin Chevaldayoff isn’t exactly known for trading roster players, but with his team poised to make the postseason for the first time since relocating to Manitoba, the extraordinarily cautious executive may find the urge to make a splash too tempting to ignore.


JGD #53: Time to rebound in Vancouver

View image | Yesterday’s game for the Winnipeg Jets was what many call a “must win”. Why? Because they’re a team winless since the NHL’s All-Star Break and they went up against the Calgary Flames, a team they’re neck and neck with in the Western Conference for the two Wild Card positions. They failed to…

Future NHEhlers – February 3rd, 2015

View image | Recently the new Nations Network Overloard –Thomas Drance — signed a few blogger free-agents. One of these signings was myself. I will pick up where Garret Hohl left off in his old “lower” blogging days, providing you with weekly updates on all of the latest in Jets prospects. This will be in a similar format to how Canucks Army…


Winnipeg Jets are set up for the future: Wingers

View image | It’s one thing to be good, it’s another entirely to be good and young. I wrote an article in the Winnipeg Free Press last Saturday, saying that underlying metrics say good things about the 2014-15 Winnipeg Jets. The Jets’ strong numbers –such as in score adjusted Corsi percentage (SAC%)– are a positive sign. While…


Jets Nations Postgame: Bleh!

It could be worse… we could be the Sharks losing to the Oilers… or we could be the Oilers. — Jets Nation (@nhljetsnation) February 3, 2015 Not sure what sums it up better than that. The Winnipeg Jets are an above average team that have allowed an above average amount of goals as of late….