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Canucks luck, Tyler Bozak, Jake Gardiner, Oiler fans, Darryl Katz, Flames scoring chances, a new comic and more in this week’s Roundup.

In the Roundup we go around the Nation Network and give you some of the best articles of the last couple weeks. Every once in a while it’s good to know what other teams are doing, or maybe you find an interesting article you wouldn’t have found otherwise.

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The Canucks have been lucky

Leafs: The curious case of Tyler Bozak

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  • The Last Big Bear

    Johnny Gaudreau is a magical little hockey elf, who has 20 points in his last 21 games, and is 4th in the NHL in takeaways.

    I mean did you SEE him split the defence on the zone entry last night to set up Wideman’s goal-mouth tip-in?

    Which seems like a good time to point out that Dennis Wideman has 10 goals so far. Thats more than Taylor Hall, for those keeping track, and also more than Eberle, Yakupov, and Schultz COMBINED.

    Jesus wept, the Oilers are just terrible. What happens first, does the NHL change the draft rules yet a third time in direct response to the Oilers travesty? Or does a giant chasm open underneath Rexall to swallow the building, as the Earth itself tries to hide its shame from the light of day?

  • BurningSensation

    I can understand that the MSM, Feaster and a multitude of fans who cheer for other teams want to pile on this year’s Oilers debacle.

    What I don’t understand is the number of supposed Oiler fans who are doing the same thing.

    Loyal fans stick with their team through thick and thin, they support their team, management and particularly their players.

    What we are now seeing is the equivalent of a pack of dogs attacking themselves. So much for the claim that Edmonton has great fans.

    It is easy to jump on board with a winner. It requires a lot more character to continue to support a team when thing s are going incredibly wrong.

    As for the arm chair GMs, get a grip. MacT is working with the management team to fix this but they certainly don’t need all the geniuses on this site to tell them what they already know.

    As hard as it is, what is required now is patience. Granted we have been patient for a long time already but hysteria is the last thing we need now.

    • Al77

      You and people like you are the problem. NO ONE should find the state of this team acceptable. The people that pay the money to watch the product are EXACTLY the people that should be critical of the team when things are going bad. Unflinching love for the team is the problem, just ask the Leafs and the Cubs…

    • The Last Big Bear

      I do not think it is fans’ responsibility to stick by a team through thick and thin. I think it is their responsibility to demand more from the players, coaches, and especially management.

      You sound like a nationalistic American who has bought into the recent stigma associated with speaking out against your country. When in reality, speaking out against your country is what the whole damn ‘freedom’ thing was founded on.

      Stepping off my soap box and bringing it back to your first point, standing buy your team through tough times is fine. Oiler fans have done that. They bought into the rebuild. They actually said we’re on board with being terrible for a few years while you guys get better players in here. We held up our end of the bargain. Management and the players have not. As a fan, there is a limit to how much you can emotionally and financially support a team that refuses to support itself.

  • BurningSensation

    Personally I hope the Oilers;

    – continue to do nothing unti the immense pressure of being the suckiest team at the bottom of the standings crushes everything including all hope.

    – panic, make ill-advised trades, fire another coach, gas the GM, launch another rebuild under Nicholson.

    Either way, I’m good.

  • BurningSensation

    MacT just said they are unlikely to send Draisaitl to the world juniors because he is developing fine here… What a F&*#(ING joke. This management team is 100% delusional. This team will never be successful until everyone between the players and the owner is removed.

  • The Last Big Bear

    That MacT presser was everything I hoped it would be.

    “Everything is fine, the only problem is that our hockey players are not playing hockey very well.

    The solution is that our players just need to play hockey better.”

    You’re a real treat, MacTavish. Don’t ever change.

  • The Last Big Bear

    Very interesting how defensive Mactavish became when Spector starting lumping him in with Lowe and Howson.

    Mact claims he has only had influence for 20 months, but that is not true. He had clout when he held Howson’s position. Little known fact: even when Mactavish was working for tsn, he was being paid as a consultant by the Oilers where he gave his evaluations of players.

  • The Last Big Bear

    Even Flames fans stopped going to games when the team sucked hard in the 90s.

    It’s not “bandwagon jumping”, or about being loyal. It’s just about the only way fans can tell management that they’re not doing a good job.

    • callinthe cobra

      Flames fans were still staying away in droves until 2004. They’ve barely been cheering for their own team for 10 years and then come on here to give us their superiority crap.

      • Maverick

        What I am trying to tell you in no obtuse terms is that it’s okay to not purchase tickets. It does not make one a bad person, and one shouldn’t feel guilty about it.

      • callinthe cobra

        We still cheered for them, we just didn’t go to the games. They were awful in the young guns era. We had Craig Button as our GM.

        In fact, I remember actually cheering for the Oilers when the had a good run in the playoffs against the Dallas Stars. Mostly because I hated the Hatchers.

        • The Last Big Bear

          I went to tons of games in Calgary and am not embarrassed to say the Flames USED to be my second favorite team, until 2004.

          Button ruined that team trading away Marc Savard and Martin St. Louis for 2 guys who never set foot in North America, never mind the NHL. Those guys were awesome to watch on the ice live, especially St. Louis.

      • mk

        Lol @ all the Oilers fans who think the Nations revolve around them. EVERY cross-nations post is full of Oilers fans who complain that people post about the 1 of the other 29 teams in the league. In fact, there are 6 other Nations sites devoted to specific teams that are not the laughing stock of the league. They may be bad from time to time, but Oilers take the cake.

        It is amazing how no one in the organization seems to recognize that they’re all in this mess together. One man or 5 men haven’t made this disaster -> it has been an organizational effort, from top to bottom.

        Oilers: please learn to hockey, I want the Battle of Alberta back.

        • The Last Big Bear

          Well excuse me. My mistake. I didn’t realize some of these threads go to all nation sites. That was actually my first post here in at least 8 years because all the little cliques usually run off anyone with a differing opinion.

          Flamers coming on here telling us what’s wrong is not needed. We already know we’re a joke. I have embraced being the joke of the league and cheer for more losses until heads roll. It’s also more entertaining reading after they lose than if they win.

          Keep on laughing at us with your feeling of superiority though.

          • The Last Big Bear

            We don’t feel superior. We do, however, feel sorry for you guys. We understand man. We had crap teams for so long. We’re just enjoying the ride so far this season. It could just drop off even tomorrow.

          • BurningSensation

            “Keep on laughing at us with your feeling of superiority though.”

            It’s not just the feelings of superiority that make laughing at the Oilers so enjoyable, it’s the ACTUAL superiory that brings us such mirth.

      • mk

        I’ve been cheering for my team since I was 6 (1986). Interest drops when the team you cheer for sucks, but that doesn’t make a poor fan base, just a realistic one. It’s the attitude that “We’ve won so many cups, and can do no wrong” meanwhile the team stinks and fans constantly fill the building, that will really sink a franchise.

  • The Last Big Bear

    Cant believe I wasted my time on that absolute smelling pile of crap coming out MacT’s mouth just now. What did he tell us? Katz is 10 times madder than us fans. FU.

  • Al77

    Mac T should have never had the press conference. I had a glimmer of hope before this and this it just confirmed the delusion that is the Oilers management. This organization is rotten.

    • BurningSensation

      I don’t think that this is going to fool anybody this time unless they are as clueless as this bunch. Hope to see seas of empty seats at the next game. Paper Bags, Jersey Tossing, Fire Them All Signs.If you enjoy a beverage or two, go somewhere before the game and get liquored up there (please take a cab). There is no glimmer of hope to be had and i hope the paying public is as sick of this *hit as I am.No accountability and now just outright lies.

    • BubbaZanetti

      I’m glad he held this little press conference.
      It exposes the root of the real problem.
      Replacing coach at this stage is pointless.
      Replacing players at this stage is pointless.
      The only move that can be made at this time is replacing the GM. The season is over, DONE.
      Does it make sense to bring in new GM, he gets rest of the season to review the coaching, review the current roster, review the scouting and make any changes prior to next year’s draft and trade dead line . The GM Position is critical to this team, IMO that is the guy where change starts.
      He is the guy who sets the example, sets the tone, defines the kind of team they need to be, establishes the identity. You eliminate this POHO position, streamline the management, and hands the keys of the organization to the new GM with only one mandate….Build a WINNER !!

  • callinthe cobra

    Ive been a displaced oilers fan in Calgary since 2001. Today at work in lunch room as the sports channel was showing mactavish, a bunch of co workers were laughing at how pathetic the oilers are. for the first time I had nothing in return. In fact, I stayed quiet in embarrassment and got out of there.

    see where the flames are today? 3 points out of first overall! I actually tried to watch a couple of games and cheer for them, but something is wrong with me inside.. cant change.

    When is this gong to end, after watching today wont be this season thats for sure. who the hell wants to come to the oilers? what a mess

    • Maverick

      1)If you want to send a message: throw you Jersey on the Ice, boo the players.

      2)If you want to make a statement: stop paying money to see the games, turn off the t.v.

      3)If you want to see change: start cheering for the Flames. In fact, I think the Flames organization has an open door policy: any converts get 50% off tickets and a free hot dog to their next game!

  • Maverick

    Well that was a joke MacT, just like you are. Pointing fingers at someone who has been gone for two years is what a 4 year old would do for god sakes. No person worth their salt would do that, be a man for god sakes MacTavish and admit you made mistakes as a rookie GM and own up to them. Hiding behind the “not my fault” curtain is cowardly and embarassing for you. I actually dispise this man but after his press coference I actually feel sorry for him. Didn’t think with his weekend MBA he was that stupid.
    This organization is in a world of trouble with this kind of leadership

  • callinthe cobra

    Visually they are nice…1)sorry, seeing my team give up two short handed goals in the space of around 45 seconds is not nice.
    If I wanted nice visuals, I’d go to hooters and drop$75, not an Oilers game for $300
    Sigh….we have another year of incompetence, and another three years of rebuilding. At least they didn’t hire Messier as coach. (I think Messier was a great player and a great leader.)

  • callinthe cobra

    Lots of trash flying about my earlier comments. So does that mean that you are now fans of a different team?

    Because folks that is your only real choice. If you don’t have the stones to suck it up and be patient then ‘cheer’ for another team. Don’t jeer this one.

    • mk

      Or, we could not cheer for another team and continue to jeer for this team until it doesn’t suck anymore, then resume cheering. That is not bandwagoning mind you, it’s simply…. about time.

  • The Last Big Bear

    Just like an oiler game i was expecting more from this presser than i got out of it. It was very defensive for Mac T and not at all a team mentality. I believe he should of stepped up and said all of us need to improve but not directly throw his team, his staff under the bus. i like Mac T and find him normally pretty well spoken but today leaves me disappointed in him and the message. Basically we do nothing but players need to be better and everything is messed up because of the past.

    The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different outcome, why does this managment staff think things will just get better by doing nothing. I guess since they make a profit year after year maybe in their minds they are doing something right. Love to be a fly on the wall during their managment meetings.