Yakupov’s usage, Oilers fire goalie coach, Canucks player grades, Pat Quinn, Flames luck, Leafs fenwick, gassing the salute, and more in this weeks Roundup.

In the Roundup we go around the Nation Network and give you some of the best articles of the last couple weeks. Every once in a while it’s good to know what other teams are doing, or maybe you find an interesting article you wouldn’t have found otherwise.

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  • The Last Big Bear

    So the Oilers have had a 5 game losing streak, a 4 game losing streak, and are currently on an 8-games-and-counting losing streak. And its only 23 games into the season.

    They have yet to win a single game against the Western Conference. And 14 of their next 15 games are against the West.

    So all of you Oilers fans who were cheering for draft position, telling everyone how “this is the only way to win in the new NHL”, and actually being smug about losing games for all those years…

    You deserve every second of this.

    • After all, as soon as we start thinking like that, we are no better than they are. We have gotten where we are by maintaining a positive attitude and avoiding things like: throwing jerseys on the ice, walks of shame, etc., etc… and always supporting our team when the going gets rough.

      They may not deserve what they are getting, but we deserve what we are ;]

    • SSB1963

      Nobody likes this. Those cheering for draft position are just looking for anything, anything! to help them get through this nightmare.

      But hey it’s still better than cheering for the Canucks or Flames.

    • SSB1963

      Nobody likes this. Those cheering for draft position are just looking for anything, anything! to help them get through this nightmare.

      But hey it’s still better than cheering for the Canucks or Flames.

  • Eakins obsession of benching MM and playing duds like NN are part of the problem here.

    If one was to grade him on each games like the players, I wonder how knowledgeable hocky people would grade him?

    He is still our best bet when it comes to landing Connor McDavid.

    • everton fc

      The only hopes for the Oilers:

      Remove Lowe.

      Remove McTavish.

      Remove Eakins, though he’s known for being really good with younger players. (John Cooper would have been perfect in Edmonton)

      They need a radical, complete makeover. Of course, the ownership group must hold a fair share of responsibility, as they hired these people.

      Our Flames show what a rebuild should be like. We have the right coach. The right people behind the bench and in scouting now, though I wish they’d have held onto Weisbrod a little longer. The right attitude exisits all across the organization. All about character, and I think Treliving lives this. Our minor league team is setup along the same lines. Perhaps Todd Nelson could stabilize things, but Bylsma has dealt w/young stars in the past. Perhaps they should poach McLellan if the Sharks fire him. Perhaps Eakins should be given more time?

      Others that come to mind, who’d be willing to step in and prove they can coach at this level incluse Jeff Blashill in Grand Rapids. I also like John Hynes in Wilkes-Barre.

      Anyone think Adam Oates could right the ship up north?

  • The Last Big Bear

    Love watching the Leafs lose. Hopefully that can start up again.

    Looks like the Coilers are making a serious move to secure McDavid. If they draft him, they’ll ruin him too.

      • Burnward

        I used to hate the thought of even seeing a player do that but after watching sports for a while now…I don’t think I’d hold it against McDavid if he did that. I’m glad the NHL is adjusting the draft. It is such a waste to see high end talent go to teams like Florida, the Coilers, Sabres, Canes etc. Such a waste to see high end talent/potential go to these types of teams.

        It’d be nice to see them move the Panthers and Hurricanes. Maybe finally get around to moving the Coyotes as well.

  • Kevin McCartney

    I would personally like to congratulate the whole of the Edmonton Oilers organization for going an entire calendar month with out winning a game. BRAVO!