The Roundup

Leafs player usage, Canucks past drafts, Flames fancy stats, Nugent-Hopkins making great strides and more in this weeks Roundup.

In the Roundup we go around the Nation Network and give you some of the best articles of the last couple weeks. Every once in a while it’s good to know what other teams are doing, or maybe you find an interesting article you wouldn’t have found otherwise.


Bozfeed: Too many cooks, cast members recast with Leafs


Newsflash: Oilers need a center to compete

Nugent-Hopkins coming along

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Flames fancy stats through 17 games Scrap of the week

  • prendrefeu

    Did you list Lambert’s “5 things” as part of Flames Nation’s contributions to the roundup without actually reading the article? Check out the comments: his arguments get dissected and nullified like a frog in a high school biology lab, then he replies to the audience by insulting them using a quote from a former Flames staff. Even that quote gets thrown back in Ryan’s direction.

    Honest question: what is the criteria for selection into the Nations Roundup? Quality of the article? Quality of the comments?

    • Parallex

      Can’t be quality of the comments… otherwise Lamberts wouldn’t make it in.

      That you (or anyone else) dislike his opinions neither makes them wrong nor speaks to the quality of the writing. The only thing I dislike about Lambert’s articules is that folk know (or should know) what to expect in them and yet they keep on whining about it week after week. Seriously, if they bother people that much then don’t read them.

      • Kevin R

        If it was just one article then fine, his opinions on how the Flames are run are always critical & not very popular. Whatever, he has his opinions just like we do. But his constant insistence that tanking is the best way to run a team & criticizes Flames Management & Coaches week after week is over board. It’s also an insult to to the Stats community because his hypothetical ideology makes no Mathematical or Statistical sense in any world. I enjoy reading & participating on a Flames website created for the most enthusiastic fans. Pretty sad when I am being told to not bother coming to the site & reading posted articles on my favourite team because one of the writers week after week is trying to convince the fan base that losing is better. WTF!!

        • Matty Franchise Jr

          And then there is this.

          “Pretty sad when I am being told to not bother coming to the site…”

          Pretty sure no one told anyone not to come to the site.

          Also, “… his hypothetical ideology makes no Mathematical or Statistical sense in any world” I think this is not true. Feel free to prove him wrong though.

      • playastation

        I think he writes his opinions to foster discussion. But he does it in an irritating way.

        He has been calling all of BT’s moves idiotic because of the quality of players he’s signed (Bollig, Engelland) are bad.

        But now that they’re winning he’s calling it idiotic because the Flames won’t get MacDavid. Which is counter to what he already stated.

        And the comments are asking him what he suggest they do, and he doesn’t respond.

        He wants the flames to be in tank mode, but in order to do that they’d have to rid themselves of the good players they already have. And to quote Lambert, not tanking is ‘idiotic’.

        Completely nonsensical.

  • MGD

    Detox meds will be provided by any pharmacy other than Rexall. There will also be support staff there specifically to chop wood and carry water, as Bob Hartley does not consider this an effective use of his players’ time.

  • Parallex

    @Kevin R

    I would have no objection to people not liking or disagreeing with his articules. I just find it annoying when folk bitch about it week after week after week… obviously they don’t actually dislike his product if they did they would simply cease comsuming it.

    Seriously, if I buy a book and don’t like the prose I don’t rush out to Chapters and buy more books by the same author.

    • Burnward

      To be fair, he is pretty crazy week after week after week.

      As long as you realize it’s his shtick though, it’s fine. He really does drive some people wild though.

    • The Last Big Bear

      Yeah, but I get the impression that he is actually trying to make a serious point this time, though.

      However, (possibly out of sheer habit), it is just as silly, inflammatory, and poorly argued as his drive-by troll jobs.

      I bet there’s basically nobody who reads this site that thinks it would be terrible if the wheels started to fall off of the Flames this season, and they ended up picking pretty early in the draft.

      But Lambert’s condescending tone and half-baked reasoning mean that nobody is giving him even the inch of slack needed to bridge this gap of opinion.

      You can be caustic, you can be wrong, and you can do a poor job of backing up your arguments. But if you do all three at the same time, you are going to get ripped for it.

      If you don’t like people ripping on his articles in the comment section, then don’t read the comments section.

      See how that works?