Boo To Your Booing (Not a Halloween Pun)

There are a lot of things we do well
at MTS Centre during Jets games. Goalie chants, catchy chirps for
players; “SILVER MEDAL” for Ryan Miller after the Olympics. 
“CROSBY’S/OVI’S BETTER” for whichever one is in town.  “REF YOU SUCK”, the
list goes on and on for all the cool original stuff we do at the games. 
But can someone please explain to me whey we insist on booing the visiting
teams best player on a nightly basis?!

Don’t get me wrong, some players
deserve to be booed every time they touch the puck.  Like Zdeno Chara…
He’ll be booed there for the rest of his career for that hit he made on
Pacioretty. John Tavares at MTS Centre: doesn’t deserve to be
booed.  I must say I did enjoy when Teemu would come back to MTS Centre,
and we would boo EVERYBODY on the Ducks who touched the puck until Teemu got it
on his stick and everyone would cheer.  To me that’s clever, that’s the
stuff that makes us the best fans in the NHL. Booing players who don’t
deserve it from other teams, to me just seems thoughtless and classless, we
sound like a bunch of donkeys just making noise for the sake of making noise
(and because I just really wanted to use a donkey picture in this piece).

There is an art to misdirection and
interference when it comes to professional athletes.  One of the most well
known head to head battles between athlete and heckler is between Reggie Miller
and Spike Lee during the 1994 NBA Playoffs between the Pacers and Knicks. 
The two have since reconciled and the “choke” is one of the most recognizable
things Reggie was remembered for. 

In the hockey world, I would have to
give it to Sully and The Force, otherwise known as ‘The Green Men’ at Vancouver
Canucks games. Sitting beside the bench and distracting the opposing team
when they’re in the box entertaining for the fans, the teams and the player in
question.  Cause as we know, they best time to kick someone is when
they’re down… (that’s right isn’t it?).  Honorable mention to Harvey the Hound in Calgary
for getting under (then) head coach of the Edmonton Oilers Craig McTavish back
in early 2003.

I’m not saying we have to come up
with something similar or as extreme, but can we at least come up with
something better than booing the best player?!  There’s a great twitter account
to follow called MTS Centre Chants that’s definitely worth following if you’re headed
to a game, or even if you’re not.

In my
observation over the last few seasons, we tend to fire up the opposing player
when we boo them, rather than getting them off their game.  Similar to when there was that girl you liked
in school; you’d get more of a reaction out of her if you ignored her rather
than showering her with attention, gifts, phone calls at all hours of the
night, love letters and poems sprayed with the sample tube of cologne you got
from Shoppers Drug Mart to make yourself smell more like a man.  No?  No
one else had this issue?  Nevermind then…

If a player is
an asshole, or has acted like an asshole while he’s played against the Jets…
then he totally deserves to be booed when he touches the puck at MTS Centre,
let’s boo the crap out of him, but I think we’re more creative than just booing
a good player cause he’s a good player. 
Heckling a good player, now that’s where we excel.  Don’t forget to vote below.

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Wheeler (Section 217)

  • Stewsquared

    Totally agree. It gives too much credit to the visiting team’s best player like we think that we have to boo him just to stand a chance at winning. Like if last night’s game was in Winnipeg we’d arbitrarily decide that Zajac is the best player and rain boos upon him? Take that, hometown guy! To me it’s like running a slanderous political campaign where instead of raising issues of why we’re the best, we slam our opponents. Don’t get me wrong, I love the passion we have at MTS and I really do believe that when we chant the other goalie’s name it truly does get under his skin. Just saying that booing a guy for being the best on his team is like booing the most successful guy at your office because he works hard. Take that, Ted in sales! RICKY’S BET-TER!