What would you do Wednesday: In the Crease

Jets Nation is joining a new Nations Network tradition of handing control of the franchise over to our readers to solve the problem of the week. Inside we’ll review the situation in net and ask you to solve it in the comments.


What is the point of this? I’m going to outline a scenario below, and you sound off on how to fix it. If security wasn’t so tight at the MTS Centre and you could do an amazing Kevin Cheveldayoff impression, how would you use your powers for the good of the Jets? Who knows, maybe Mark Chipman will realize that GM’s are able to make changes to a hockey club and spring into action! (hahahaha…ha…ha…)


The problem of Ondrej Pavelec is known far and wide at this point, with goalie scout Justin Goldman giving us insight here, and Travis Hrubeniuk tracking every goal against last year to show that Pav was almost twice as likely to give up a ‘preventable’ goal than his supposed backup. Just so you don’t think it’s a Jets Nation conspiracy, even Tyler Dellow found that Pavelec alone cost the Jets two or maybe three playoff appearances. Many thought he would be in line for a compliance buy out, or a regular buy out with our friends at Arctic Ice even doing the accounting work for GM Kevin Cheveldayoff.

The Jets let Al Montoya leave after a stellar .920 save percentage season and replaced him with Michael Hutchinson. Hutch backstopped the IceCaps to a Calder Cup appearance, but started last season in the ECHL and has 3 games of NHL experience at 24 years of age. Former #3 on the depth chart Edward Pasquale was also allowed to leave, with prospect Connor Hellebuyck turning pro and Eric Comrie on his heels. Most recently, the team acquired and waived Peter Budaj to offer some veteran help to the Hellebuyck / Olkinuora tandem. 

For the fourth season in a row, it looks like the Jets will have a problem in net. What’s the solution?

How It Works

It’s dead easy, just tell us and your fellow readers how to fix the hot mess in the Jets’ crease! Who would you target in trade and what would you give up? Would you buy Pavelec out? Maybe you’d just wait a few more years? Eye drops in Pav’s water bottle might give Hutchinson more starts, so maybe it’s as simple as bringing in a new trainer! You tell us in our first What Would You Do Wednesday!


  • Kevin McCartney

    I would trade Pavs and Byfuglien to someone for a real starter and change. This plan is based on the idea that Buff’s trade value is greater than his value at being deployed on forward. Teams with competent back-ups that could use extra D? Vancouver, Anaheim, there’s others I’m sure.

    • Kevin McCartney

      I’m onboard with trading Buff IF we can’t use him as a dman. But I disagree with packaging him with Pavelec, you’re only going to diminish your returns.

      • Kevin McCartney

        Bringing in another goalie without shipping out Pavelec makes the depth chart pretty awkward:

        New Guy



  • Kevin McCartney

    After 3 years of complaining and wishing Chevy would move on from Pavelec, I want him to do… nothing! That’s right. The reasons are:

    1)soft tank for McDavid
    2)Its too late to pick up or trade for a legit #1 goalie (thanks Chevy). Maybe later in the year, it may be possible
    3)Can’t trade him with that contract (we couldn’t even give him away), we’d have to give up something good
    4)The team is no where near ready to compete and doesn’t require a moderate upgrade in goal, yet…
    5)We have a system with potential stud goalies that will require a little more time which this will buy for them
    6)Hutch has a chance to prove himself without being the main target of hate for when/if the team falters
    7)IF, he some how turns it around, he’ll work up his trade value.

    It truely pains me to say this, but we should remain pat with Pavelec *ouch*

  • Kevin McCartney

    Yeah… I’m starting to feel like waiting is the best option.

    That said, would Reimer still be a target? I don’t follow the Leafs that closely, but a 2nd + Budaj/Hutchinson + Klingberg does it? Maybe have to add in Blomqvist or someone at that level of prospect?

    They need centres badly in TO, maybe they love Jim Slater for all the reasons they shouldn’t! (Too much to hope for…)

    • Kevin McCartney

      Would Reimer be that much of an upgrade? I believe that the window of opportunity has closed for now but another will open soon (likely between December and trade deadline when teams have a better idea of how their season will progress/finish). This roster can go either way I truly hope that Chevy will know what he’s doing and FINALLY pull the trigger.

  • Stewsquared

    I used to like Pavelec. I used to look at him like a beautiful girl you see across the food court. She’s got gravy on her face, but she’s got potential. Make her yours and she’ll be good to you for many years I thought.

    Now we’ve been dating for a couple years and she’s not the girl I thought she was. She never helps out when I need her, she lets me down, she’s messy, she drinks too much. And she’s STILL got that gravy on her face!

    Each morning I wake up next to her and I stare at her while she sleeps and I think, “I would trade you in for the first available offer.”

    But I’ve got a wedding to go to this weekend and I need a date.

    Out of necessity she stays…