Jets Acquire Budaj

First of all, i’d like to apologize for the lack of content over the past week and a half. I’m in the process of moving and have yet to get internet.

Enough about me, can you believe that Kevin Cheveldayoff made a trade that actually makes sense for the organization?????

The Jets acquired G Peter Budaj and C Patrick Holland from the Montreal Canadiens in exchange for Eric Tangradi. It’s a deal that works for both teams, and it doesn’t cost the Jets anything significant, but provides them with two solid assets that will help the team going forward.


I watched two rookie games and two preseason games for the Jets, and it became very clear that Michael Hutchinson was not ready to play in the NHL. It was a concern going into the year with an unproven backup behind an unstable starter.

Cheveldayoff finally realized that he needed a better insurance policy, and he found it in Peter Budaj. Budaj lost his job last year during the playoffs when Carey Price was injured and Michel Therrien opted to go with rookie Dustin Tokarski instead. Rather than risking losing Tokarski on waivers, the Habs realized they needed to move Budaj and get something in return.

Eric Tangradi could’ve been had for free by any of the 30 NHL teams on the waiver wire, but he cleared. Considering the Habs are a competing team, they likely dealt for Tangradi for a simple salary dump.

Patrick Holland is now on his third organization, and will almost certainly play a checking role for St.John’s. 


Ever since Dustin Tokarski starred for Canada at the World Juniors in the nation’s last gold medal, he has been on my radar and now he’s officially an NHL goaltender. By moving Budaj, the Habs get to showcase Tokarski until the point comes when they can deal him for another great asset.

Tokarski is stuck behind Carey Price, and Price will likely be the starter in Montreal for the next decade, so Tokarski will have to go to another organization to become a starter. You’re looking at the next Ben Bishop.

Bishop was dealt for a second rounder by the Blues to the Senators, and the Sens were able to groom the goaltender into a potential starting goalie. When the Sens dealt Bishop to the Lightning they acquired a 4th round pick and a Calder Trophy candidate in Cory Conacher. While Conacher didn’t pan out, you get the picture.

Eric Tangradi may be the 13th or 14th forward in Montreal this season, so he could find himself in the lineup from time to time. The fact of the matter is, moving a B-level prospect and a proven backup goaltender for a fringe NHLer and showcasing a potential starting goaltender is a great move.


If you look at the deal in itself, then this is a walkaway for the Jets. Trading a player who couldn’t even make it to the final roster cuts for a proven backup and a prospect is a whale of a winner.

If you look at the bigger picture, then maybe the Habs win because of the future circumstances. 

Either way, Cheveldayoff has strengthened a weakness for the club heading into the season with low expectations. Jets fans can breathe a little easier knowing that if Pavalec falters, they have a decent option to replace him going forward.

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    Budaj is a proven backup, proven to be pretty bad at being a backup. He has posted Pavelec-esque career numbers and showcased his less-than-stellar composure against Ottawa the season before last. Three goals on 5 shots was his last performance as a Hab in relief if I recall correctly.

    Taylor would have been a better option as a backup or depth in the AHL over Budaj on the roster. If Budaj costs the Jets Hutch through waivers I am going to be livid.

    I don’t mind Holland at all, he looks like a younger Tangradi (on the surface, Tanger was very good at a lot of things good NHLers are good at, but no finishing in the AHL/NHL). Chevy put a good recall option in place for the team that does not need to clear waivers if he loses TJ, Hali, or O’Dell to waivers if he has to send one of them down. That is the big win here for the Jets as I see it.

    We’ll know in the next 48 hours exactly what the plan is with Budaj and what Chevy is actually doing with the trade. Hopefully something clever and unanticipated.

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      Over his head? Trading for him might have been stupid (because he is a terrible goaltender) but at least waiving him indicates they know he is at best the 3rd best goalie in the organization.

      The waiving part is the good bit.