• The Jets and the Ice Caps aren’t working because of the geographical distance and, rumour has it, Danny Williams is kind of a jerk.

    The truth is that AHL teams fold and move all the time and the next time an east coast NHL franchise is looking to relocate or switch affiliations St. John’s will be a proven market where a financially viable franchise can be located. Teams concerned about cost, like the Islanders or Senators will be giving St. John’s a hard look if the Ice Caps ship out, they do not have the travel problems and they would be happy to have an affiliate that is stable and popular.

    True North did Danny a big favour by putting the team there when they did, moving it was always both expected and planned.

    Also, I suspect the AHL loves St. John’s. Teams go in there for back-to-back games, I bet it is great for scheduling the league.