Jetstream Podcast Ep 31: Questions on Questions


On this week’s episode,Travis and Joe tell tales of their adventures in Transcona and Neil asks theboys questions he has about hockey and the NHL.

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  • Spydyr

    Be a real bonus if Mtl wins the series.
    Bombers later pick, the 24 yr old who was Vanier Cup 2011 MVP, is a lot like the Tanner Pearson over-age pick. Good for LA going for it while Carter, Williams, Kopitar and Richards are prime. For the Bombers, they want to at least give the illusion going for home Cup appearance.
    I don’t feel guilty saying I will watch more Jr and Int hockey when I note bad reffing in the Wings and Chi-St.L series. Both surrogates add NHL talent…it is too bad Gretz didn’t go to T.O. instead of LA. I’m learning Ontario was 80% Loyalists around 1850. That is why Canada has been such a good country: we got the best Americans as immigrants; the ones whose grandkids paid taxes for Universal Healthcare. It is like how Scotland got the best minds of balance-of-power Europe and founded Canada and the USA…
    I’d rather see Ontario athletes demonstrating how to be brave hockey player than diving all over the place on a pitch.
    I have an idea for the Jets: they could be travelling circus of hockey tricks, like the Harlem Globetrotters. Across Canada, they could demonstrated 3 Puck Monty:
    two goalies in full equipment sit on all fours helmet to helmet and circulate pucks under eachother’s blockers and gloves. The fan that can keep track of which puck has a Habs logo or Senators logo gets tix and expenses to a 2015 playoff game in another cdn city.
    With the GM already announcing Pavelec as the starter I’m out. The very best strategy if drafting/waivers is good and trades and UFA isn’t, is to trade mature self-drafted prospects for cheap veterans.
    I wasn’t happy Bruin traded Seguin (good to get Mez). I like good teams in it late. Bruins had Smith on PP1 and he is a little worse than Ladd. Given the rigging of the Wings series to get Bos-Mtl, I’ll say Mtl in 6 rather than 5; NYR had a Cup if they would’ve reacquired Gaborik. I’d like to see a longer Memorial Cup and a shorter CHL first rd.
    TSN could bankroll regular challenege serieses: a summer Jr tourney of different national players: maybe break up Canada into three.