Jetstream Podcast Ep 29: Teach Us


On this week’s episode, the guys
discuss the positives and negatives of replay, NHL vs NBA viewership, and the
responsibility of the broadcasters to help educated and entertain us during
games.  All that, plus Backes, Cooke and an article in the Winnipeg Sun
polling fans opinions on the Jets.

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  • SuntanOil

    Puck over the glass aught to be replayable. The calls against the Wings on Bertuzzi not touching Chara and a non-existent hold, didn’t bug me as much because their 3 kid D didn’t improve much this year and Quincey and Kindl are getting worse…Det and SJ could’ve used Pavelec maybe; can’t believe they pulled Niemi.
    The weak reffing maybe because players are getting bigger? Need to use that replay somehow. Looking forward to the World Championships. Boston is boring because they are too good defensively.

  • SuntanOil

    With Det’s porous D, it was a good series. Boston couldn’t finish their chances. The don’t have the puck skills to compete without the gimme penalties against a team with good D. Chicago or LA would take them easily unless Rask is a top two goalie.