Jetstream Podcast Ep 28 & 28.5: Crotch Grabs & Grades


On this week’s two-part
episode, we discuss Seabrooks’ hit on Backes, crotch grabs and Chevy’s press
conference.  All that, plus the guys grade each of the Jets players, the
coaching staff and GM on their performances this season.

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  • What Am I, A Doctor?

    I’m happy for the coach. I lost a lot of interest in this year’s playoffs because of that blatant miss. It is an automatic call that reflect ref incompetence. It reminds me of the contacting the kicker Sea-SF miss and the Cardinal who dove two metres off 1st base to make the catch and still got the runner out vs the Jays when they last one the World Series. There is a website that displays the messed up strikes/balls calls. They should be favouring the Reds if anything but prefer inferior Redsox and Yanks teams to advance. That NFL game had many bad calls…for the NHL, the 3 point games mean good goalies who play technically boring styles. Someone is turning the NHL into a business like big business has ruined the other three sports; the NBA was good in the 1980s before travelling and offensive charging.
    Someone determined the league is worth more if parity; that is why Teemu got the PP goal that knocked out the Wings. That is why this call wasn’t made. If the NHL is knocking out superior teams, I’ll wait for the IIHF tourney.
    Sad Ladd wouldn’t play against the Stars. That’s how rivalries happen: knocking the Stars out of the playoffs would build a rivalry. Maybe an assistant captain can get away with this. Maurice juggled the lines that missed 3 playoffs so is already better than Noel.
    It is weird to hear Chevy announce Pavelec as the 2015 starter. This is debatable, but probably the coach should make this judgement. Grapes was right to start Gilbert but that 1979 team turned the puck over too much. The plan to only make the playoffs later might interfere with the plans of other teams to always make the playoffs. Fasth, the philosopher, and the Boston 2010 goalie were all available cheap. It is easy to upgrade. The media debate of whether or not to buy out Pavelec missed the point. If he is good, play him. If not, put him in the minors. Westwood thought Shanahan was a UFA pickup: it was one of the biggest trades of all time, for Primeau and Coffey. It would be Wheeler and our best rookie D for Keith as the equivalent copycat roster move. Chevy was bragging about paying UFA money for his three signings. Mistake. The 2nd half of those contracts will conflict with his wait till later strategy: won’t win a cup because no cap space in 2017.

  • What Am I, A Doctor?

    Hawks added Versteeg where Blues lost Stewart. the Hawks should advance. The big winner if these refs missing is Junior nd international hockey. Someone should measure the play time in a CFL game vs the NFL game. The big loss of jillion dollar NFL is waiting for commercials and the long play clock.