A Fun New Partnership


We here at JetsNation.ca, along with
our brothers throughout the Nations network, are quite pleased to announce a
new partnership with Scotiabank and their new NHL ScotiaHockey Debit Card.

I think after three years of missing
the playoffs in this city, Winnipeg Jets fans would agree with me when I say
that sometimes change is a good thing. 
Heck, many of you have been calling for some change for quite some time
now.  Especially when that change can
lead to a few extra saves and a heck of a lot more winning.

I’m in my early 20s and I’ve worked
in the financial service field in the past. So, out of general interest I was
quick to jump right into this opportunity with Scotiabank to learn more. Admittedly
I was looking for a change from what I’ve dealt with in the past, and this was
the perfect opportunity for me to see what else was out there.  After all, my exposure to the financial
industry has been pretty narrow-sighted thus far and my nerd self is always
looking to learn about new stuff. 

I’ve got to say; I’ve liked what
I’ve experienced thus far.     

I’m a pretty simple guy.  I go to school, I love hockey, I like things
that work with ease, and like most Winnipeggers I quite enjoy things that save
me money.  So this new ScotiaHockey NHL
Debit Card and the Student Banking Advantage account were right up my
alley.  As long as I’m in school (which
is going to be quite a while still) I don’t have to pay a monthly account fee
and I get unlimited debit transactions, which will save me a load of money down
the road.  It took maybe five minutes to
get myself all set up with Scotia’s online and mobile services, and best yet, I
get to rep the Jets everywhere I go.  

It gets even better than just having
that flashy card added to my wallet. 
Every time I use my ScotiaHockey Debit Card, I get entered to win some
prizes that any hockey fan would die for. 
I’m talking trips to the Stanley Cup Finals, or next year’s NHL Face-Off
celebrations, tickets to regular season hockey games, NHL GameCenter Live
subscriptions, and gift cards for the NHL.com store.  I don’t know about you, but my old debit card
didn’t offer many surprises outside of not registering at the occasional

To sum up, I’ve opened a new account
that won’t cost me a dime, I have access to easy-to-use (and secure) online and
mobile banking options, a debit card that is cool to look at, decked out with
the latest security and payment options and lets me show off my Jets pride
(heck, you could pick from any NHL team if you really wanted to). To top it all
off, I increase my odds of winning some pretty spectacular prizes every time I
buy something. 

For more
information on the ScotiaHockey NHL Debit Card and the Hockey Adventure of a
Lifetime contest, you can click here

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really want to see NHL fandom at its finest – and funniest, check out this
ScotiaHockey NHL Debit Card video.