Jetstream Podcast Ep 25: Daddy Issues


this week’s episode, the guys share their best and worst sports moments, mull
over the thought of Randy Carlyle becoming the Jets head coach and furious
discuss Troy Westwood’s comments on Andrew Ladd’s decision to miss a game for
the birth of his child. 

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  • RedMan

    This is my first time listening to your podcast. Im currently a leafs fan btw just broke the 8 games loosing streak yesss. Anyways to me the only thing the jets need rite now to make the playyoff is goaltender. Well with our former starter james reimer whose probably not returning as his contract is due. I was wondering if u could talk more about the possibilities of James reimer becoming a jet. Hes a really good and underrated goalie that led us to the playoffs last year (a pretty bad defense team) and it seems like u really need him. It would also be nice if u could also email me the response.