Game 76 @ Anaheim: Scoring Chances & Observations


Wow wow wow. That was…wow. Did you know that hockey games
have 60 minutes of regulation play?

Scoring Chances

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The Jets played a near perfect 40 minutes of hockey to start
this game.  Twitter was a buzz with
people talking about the potential moving forward, where things could go…oh
there was so much optimism.  Then, the
Jets happened.  The Ducks pushed back,
and before you could say, “score effects” it was a one-goal game. We all know
what happened from there.

Listen. Score effects are a reoccurring trend faced on a
regular basis by almost every team in the NHL. 
You build a pretty comfortable lead, and for whatever reason teams tend
to back off a bit and coast into the finish. 
This usually results in a lot of time being spent in your own zone,
and usually a goal or two to make things close.  Only Team Canada at this year’s Olympics, and on occasion the San Jose Sharks have really been able to prevent this from happening with any consistancy.  (More people in Winnipeg would
understand this if the Jets actually held multi-goal leads on a regular
basis)  Generally, decent goaltending
results in nothing coming of it on most occasions.  Bummer the Jets don’t have that, because
below average (bad) goaltending usually leads to blown four goal leads in the
third period.

That’s not to say there are no other Jets at fault.  Paul Postma was playing on a top pairing with
Toby Enstrom throughout this game, and I think it’s fair to say he was way in
over his head.  I get that people think
this Trouba-Stuart pairing is the greatest thing since sliced bread, but the
numbers say otherwise.  I want to see
Trouba with Enstrom a little bit more.  Playoffs
are way out of the question, so why not try to experiment and see what
works?  The two of them have put up
decent numbers in the past (in a small sample size), so I want more.

It’s pretty pathetic that a bad period from the Ladd – Little – Frolik unit resulted in a complete slip of the switch possession wise.  It speaks quite drastically to the lack of depth throughout this lineup.  You simply cannot be a 1 or 2 line team and expect to see any sustained success in the NHL. A ROOKIE getting hurt should not have such a horrid ripply effect throughout the lineup.  You shouldn’t be trading away second round draft picks for a player that is an upcoming UFA yet still gets scratched on a regular basis down the final stretch of a season.  The Jets have some serious depth and personnel issues that need to be addressed this season.  If they aren’t, Chevy needs to go.  

On the flip side, I actually liked Zach Redmond throughout
this game.  He and Pardy may have seen
limited, protected minutes but they did take advantage of it.  Redmond is another guy the Jets need to make
decisions on in this short stint, so I hope he continues to see the ice.

Blake Wheeler is one hell of a hockey player.  That’s easy to say now as basically every
hockey personality in this city is saying it, so I’m just hoping people
remember it when he eventually goes through a mini-slump again.  His skill set goes much beyond simply scoring
goals.  He carries the puck quite
effectively on a regular basis, sets up plays, and honestly would be a perfect
guy to play with Evander Kane.  I’m
really hoping that the Jets play to start Kane, Wheeler and Scheifele on the
top line next year.  Those three should
be untouchables this offseason.

Speaking of Evander Kane. 
Not his best performance alongside Eric O’Dell and Matt Halischuk.  They started strong, but despite having some
of the most favourable zone starts on the team the line was out-possessed and
victimized by the Ducks in the third.

At the end of the day, the Jets should have
been able to hold onto this game.  Blame
can be handed out to everyone involved for this collapse, but the possession statistics were split nearly 50-50 at 5 on 5.  If not, they were still slightly in the Jets
favour.  This was a terrible result, and
honestly doesn’t deserve ridiculous over-reaction, but there were things
identified that need to be changed drastically. 
The most important of which is the man between the pipes.

Final Thought

Jets 2.0 vs Jets 1.0 in Phoenix tomorrow night provides a
quick “forget it” and bounce back chance following this epic collapse.  On April Fools Day nonetheless.  A win in regulation and the ‘Yotes will push
the Jets right up against the wall of elimination.  In all honesty though, at this point I think a
lot of Jets fans are just waiting for this season to be over. 

  • Travis Hrubeniuk

    It was astounding to me that in the third period any shot…even a slow slider…would be not covered by Pavelec. It would be kicked out in front of the net for the other team to pounce on. That is one sub par goaltender!

  • Travis Hrubeniuk

    I, for one, was not surprised to see a poor period from LLF turn into a possession nightmare. The Jets were fine as long as they were backchecking well and keeping the puck but this defensive group is probably the worst iced by an NHL team this season. That’s not hyperbole, that is my honest opinion. Those guys chasing the puck is just not going to go well. I’ve been trying hard to think of a team that would be worse than this on the back end right now, Buffalo?

    Look at the lines deployed by Maurice, he is “deepening” the roster by spreading his talent thin and the net result is that there is one good possession line on the team. Swap Halischuk and Tangradi and you have two good possession lines, drop Buff for… oh, yeah, well I guess we are out of options at that point. If Setoguchi were in the lineup for Halischuk and Buff back on the blueline then you could put 3 decent lines together and have two actual defensive pairings of some kind. Let’s not do that though, the best way to evaluate these guys is obviously to make sure they are way in over their heads..