2014 Juno Cup #2


(Jim Cuddy ‘Blue Rodeo’ and Ab McDonald hold up the ‘Juno Cup’)

In the 11 years of the Juno Cup tradition, the team of Musicians have only managed to sneak away with one win.  March 28th was not one of those wins, the team of NHLers won the annual game 9-8 in front of almost 1000 fans at the MTS Iceplex.  Host of TSN’s ‘Off The Record’ Michael Landsberg hosted the game and did everything he could to put extra points of the board for the Rockers throughout the game, and even with the likes of Mark Schieffle, Grant Clitsome and James Wright behind the bench for the rockers, we couldn’t find a way to win.


(James Wright, Mark Schieffle, Grant Clitsome, Me)

The Rockers team was so jammed packed with talent this year, that we had to split the team into 2 teams, the first half team and the second half team, Jim Cuddy of Blue Rodeo (our captain) played the entire game against the Iron Man team of the NHL Greats who also played the whole game.  The only thing that kept us alive was that we had Trevor Kidd playing in net for us (really, it makes more sense for the NHLers to be shooting on an NHL goalie…).  That’s Natalie Spooner (women’s hockey gold medal winner in Sochi), who split D more than a cunning linguist. 


(Dana Jerlo of ‘The Treble’ tries to contain Natalie Spooner while Kidd makes the save)

Truth be told, we had the best seats in the house to watch these retired NHLers (and a few ringers) move the puck around MTS Iceplex.  The wheels might not be there anymore, but they can fire that puck into 3 inch windows with ease, never missing a pass, and lightning quick still with their releases.  It really was a treat to be a part of.  NHL Alum

(Delgano, Babych, Miller, Spooner, Ford, Napier)

Thanks to the just over 1,000 fans that came out and supported the 11th annual Juno Cup.  Alot of money was raised for Muiscounts, the Juno charity, and I look forward to hopefully playing in it again down the road!