Dustin Byfuglien: Should He Stay, or Should He Go Now?

Dustin Byfuglien and Evander Kane are the two most divisive figures in the Winnipeg Jets organization. Depending on the week, fans and media alike want one of these two players run out of town, offering almost identical criticism for both. Critics accuse both players of being inconsistent, lazy, and black not team players. This week…


The World According to Gretz

  The Dalai Lama of hockey has spoken. When asked by TSN about the selection of the Canadian Men’s Olympic hockey team The Vishnu, the Socrates, the Dean Koontz of all matters puck-related delivered the same response that even my 8-year old nephew would offer up with the right amount of media coaching: Essentially, “Yeah,…


Game 46 vs Tampa: Neutral Zone Play and Pavelec Performance

Another game, another night that has sent the masses home calling for someone’s head. As the questionable decision-making continues, could this be the last time Jets fans are sent calling for Claude Noel’s job? With every passing game his job seems to be slipping further and further out of his grasp.


Game 46 vs Tampa: Scoring Chances and Observations

From Extraskater.com The Jets were finally able to add some consistency into their game on Tuesday night, as they are now into what is their longest regulation losing streak of the season. Unable to create pretty much anything against the Lightning, the Jets were able to set what could be seen as a new low…