Jetstream Podcast Ep 14: Travball

On this week’s very cold and frozen episode, Trav and the guys chat about the World Juniors + Team Canada, our goalie situation here in Winnipeg and the Jets lack of a system. All that, plus another spelling bee, Fair or Foul and an introduction to Travball.

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  • The Real Slim Brodie

    Picking only two goalies isn’t good unless you know they are alot better than the field. Same goes for picking a suspended D. McDavid didn’t seem emotionally ready to be a World Jr. No radio on the Swe-Rus game. Still no tsn 1290 radio schedule…I’m in the dark when they pickup NFL games as well. Looking for a converter…the Jets aren’t helping here. Someone worked hard for that $6. Jokinen and Buff are still big minuses. You look at the PP contribution and we’d be 40th in the league without Buff though. He is best suited as a FW and especially as a playoff team member. Pavelec’s #s vs Montoya are brutal. No talk of what the prospects are you get back for Buff or Wheeler. I’d clear $10M in salary for the offseason and resign Montoya and Stuart.
    The problem with this Jets is are playing based on contract size not merit. The old Jets were a better model. You can’t afford players but you play the best ones you have. Wheeler for two first rounders or Maatta and a 2nd rd pick. Buff for a 2nd and 3rd. Pavelec for a goalie prospect. Bogosian and a 2nd rd pick for Yakupov. Clitsome for a 4th rounder. You don’t steady this course. If things haven’t changed alot by Phx, can’t make the playoffs. This team is slow to underplay underperforming players.
    I’m trying to build up a bankroll for the olympics. Geez, Jets. Seguin and Neal my team Canada gripes. For strength on strength, a Spengler Cup type event with two teams combined would equal NHL strength…a purist wants talent.

  • The Real Slim Brodie

    …Jokinen for a 3rd rounder; he is a playoff asset this year. Good value on Buff’s full contract though. Kane should probably be ahead of Ladd on the depth chart. Obviously the PP is the main reason no playoffs again. If this is to be a quick rebuilt you do it from the Scheifele-Morrisey years and (affordable) contracts. Even so the goaltending is hit or miss… I wouldn’t trade Enstrom as he is the one player without a no trade. Neal reminds me of Neely: the one guy you wouldn’t want to antagonize without a ref around. Neely would make you pay later.