Winnipeg Sun: “Where’s Evander?”

If the headline isn’t enough to raise a few eyebrows as to what Winnipeg’s hockey-lovin’, blue-collar fans think about Evander Kane and his superstar ways, check out the poll at the bottom of the page. Having worked our way through the “uncoachable” meme from about a month ago, it’s onto the next ridiculous bit of…



Welly. Welly. Welly. If our old friends at Bodog didn’t release the odds of winning the Stanley Cup now that the lockout has ended – a mere 145 months after it began. Good news in these parts up here in Edmonton, because it confirms something we already knew – The Oilers are awesome.


The Winnipeg Jets, And Their Impact In Fantasy Hockey Circles

Just because you’re into fantasy hockey doesn’t mean you’re this guy. In case you haven’t heard, the NHL is back.  I’m aware that some people have been put off by the ordeal that dragged on through to January 6th, claiming that they’re not coming back to the game. And while I disagree with those sentiments,…

OH CAPTAIN! MY CAPTAIN! A Talk with Andrew Ladd

On May 31st, 2011, Gary Bettman held a press conference at the MTS Centre in Winnipeg. The reason? To announce that the City’s beloved Jets were finally coming back home. As expected, the city went wild with excitement. Whether it was for financial reasons, a weak Canadian dollar, or any political reasons that were never…


KHL Highlights: Kovalchuk Staying?

Speculation is flying that Kovalchuk might stay in the KHL, Ryan O’Reilly is still playing until he signs a new deal with the Avalanche, and KHL President Medvedev is pretty much threatening war against the NHL. Ignore the KHL now? The fun might just be getting started. Enjoy!



What’s that thing called when you break up with someone, both see other people and then decide you are going to get back together and have to pretend like the last 6 months never happened? Yeah. It’s time for about 1000cc of that.


NHL and PA agree to terms.

                  As plenty of outlets are reporting, the NHL and the NHLPA finally decided that their game of silly bugger had reached its useful end early this morning, agreeing to terminate the lockout by signing a 10 year CBA. After the jump, a brief review of a…


The Jets’ Amnesty Buyout Options

  For the most part, the lockout has been a complete bore. Forget for a second that we’re being deprived of professional hockey because of it. The coverage itself has been riddled with boring legal and economic mumbo jumbo that most hockey fans didn’t sign up for. At this point, I’m sure most people would simply…


KHL: Ringing in 2013

   The KHL played its first hockey games of 2013 with a light, 3-game schedule. The playoff race is heating up big time. Enjoy!