Jetstream Podcast Ep 9: Rogers Wins Big

On this week’s episode, the guys discuss Rogers’ new TV deal, old players suing the NHL and our beloved Evander Kane. All that, plus our choices for one move to help the Jets, a game of Fair or Foul and early Christmas parties.

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  • The player lawsuit regarding concussions may or may not have merit (I suspect it will not) but the grounds on which the speakers appear to dismiss it here I find to be lacking.

    Anyone engaged in employment is doing so under a presumption of a certain amount of informed consent. The notion that informed consent does not apply because the employees in question love their work, or that work is playing a sport is silly. I love my job, it does not mean that my employer does not have an obligation to tell me about the risks of my job to my future health.

    If the NHLPA knew something about the risks of concussions and held that information back the players have every right to sue them, doing so in not stupid or worthy of derision. Unions who represent workers screw up all the time and should be held accountable for it. Especially if the union was withholding information out of concern for the league’s financial position at risk, the union should not select money over health for the players without their direct input into the decision.

    I agree that the science on concussions is still very much a work in progress but even a casual look at the NFL story on this topic and it is obvious that the NFL was denying *any* knowledge that there might be harm *after* paying out claims related to head injuries via their disability board. If this suit digs up a smoking gun like that the NHL will, rightly, need to be held accountable.