What’s the proper headline?Jets take a bite out of the Big Ap— no, no, that’s not right. Jets fly right through the Big Orchard… no.  Rangers should have started Lundquist! There we go. Look, it doesn’t matter, Jets win, that’s rad, there was some exciting plays and off they go to Florida to build on all the successful elements they implemented tonight, like… well, there was Trouba blocking shots and… just how did they win this game?!

That were an ugly 60 minutes of hockey, Jetsons, and that win was mostly luck and opportunism. If you were looking for a textbook execution of anything, tonight was not the game to watch. If you wanted to see the Jets pull off a Hollywood sports movie win – a seemingly ragtag group of guys assembled off the streets to play the well-oiled, well-funded legacy team, well, then you had a good time. If you were a stats guy or a Rangers fans you were bewildered. By every measure, The Rangers were the better team but were not rewarded for their efforts. The rewards went to the mooks who happened to keep finding themselves in the right place at the right time. I’m sure the Jets will chuckle, grab a slice of pep & mush, and run off to Florida faster than a toy company backpedaling away from the wrath of The Beastie Boys. No sleep til Sunrise. Here’s a few notable high and lowlights:

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The Second Line?!

Yup, the best group of Jets on the night by far was the deeply mocked (by us here at JN, to be fair) JTS line: "Jump The Shark" or, if you must, Jokinen/Throburn/Setoguchi. Okay, so we really only mocked Thorburn, but he made us eat our words. Two points, hard, physical play, and a team best Corsi of 52.4%. Noel, you sonofamuther, how dare your hunch pay off?! Honestly, though, Guch & Oli (my favourite CBC kids show, 1978-1984) have developed terrific chemistry and are playing with confidence. Thorburn had some chances and kept things moving for the skilled duo but he doesn’t really belong in that role. He was a 4th liner understudying as a 2nd liner and was up to it at least for tonight. Still, they were fun to watch and really the only members of the Jets that looked like they played on a team. And since they had success, the line will be broken up immediately.


Hard to admit but his play, as flippy-floppy as a trout in hauled into a Zodiac, was effective enough to keep the team in the game in the first when it looked like they might get dominated. This is a very cautious endorsement however, since the Rangers missed on a number of chances where Drej invited them into his open house like a desperate realtor trying to unload a leaky condo. And the rebounds? Good lord, he’s like a one man game of Pong.

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Another hesistant endorsement. He made some exciting plays offensively and blocked a bunch of shots but the kid is risky. As a fan you like confidence, but coaches might prefer discipline. We’ll see how the coaches assess his performance.


Did everything you can ask of him. Strong game, points on the board, bodies into the boards, responsible in his own end and a sweet, sweet pick-off of a Brassard pass attempt that lead to call-up John Albert’s first (and spectacular) first goal. Thanks, Buf. You’re a champ!

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Come on, dude. Mike Johnson called him a “stalwart defenseman for the Jets”. I think he just meant “wart”. Took a useless penalty that luckily didn’t cost the Jets but it was emblematic of his typical play.


Dude, come on. That giveaway that led to the first Rangers goal was awful. Another giveaway in the 2nd almost lead to another Rangers goal. This is a long way from the promise of a 1st round pick. Hang in there, buddy.


On must you come, Dude. Trouba’s gift doesn’t count as breaking a slump. First line was kind of pointless tonight. Come to think of it, aside from the empty-netter, they were, in fact, pointless.

Special/Any Team play

No sustained offensive pressure, lots of one-and-out’s, terrible PP, terrible play along the boards. Seriously, this was a win borne of turnovers and rushes. The coaches might as well have been playing Pictionary on their dry-erase boards. In most cases, if you’re winning, the default logic might be “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. We know plenty is broke but tonight there was no way to tell if there’s been any work is being done to fix it. It was all scramble, baby, eggshells and all, yet still somehow the team ate up a full two point helping.



  • Mike Johnson is an entertaining colour guy. I hope he finds his way into the Rogers hockey-media empire eventually.
  • Lundquist hadn’t sat two straight games since 2011. I don’t think Vigneault will make that mistake again over the next two years.
  • I enjoyed a spiced rum taste-test tonight, Sailor Jerry VS Kracken. Still prefer the Sailor Jerry. Just works with the cola better. It’s downright Sweetoguchi.
  • Why do we still bother with anthems at the start of sporting contests? It would be as relevant as playing them at the movies or political events. If we’re going to keep on doing this, I insist we sing for every nationality represented on the two teams, as led by the team members from said nation. We live in a global community, Jetsons. Fair is fair.



Spinning wheel, round and round – ya place yer bets and ya takes yer chances! This team absolutely needs upgrades to be properly competitive in the league. They need depth, they need goaltending, they need consistency and they really need to be able to execute a game plan. If you insist on telling me any of those things were on display tonight, you had more spiced rum than I did. Hey, I’m not trying to rain on anyone’s parade but we just burgled two points off of the Rangers, we didn’t quite earn them. Don’t be surprised if they don’t follow up with another improvised success in Florida. Tim Thomas will probably have a different script to read from than Cam Talbot did.

Go Jet ‘em!


**Thanks, Jetsons, for patiently waiting for me to get this up tonight. This is my first stab at the recap so I feel like I’m writing a high school math test! “Yikes, time’s running out…! What’s my thesis statement?” Hope you enjoyed it. – RS


  • Graphic Comments

    Still can’t rid myself of that insipid Jetson theme song, but I’m finding singing it aloud in a crowded elevator very therapeutic.

    OK, so the Jets got away with one. We all have our own sense of entitlement on occasion. And yes, the fancy stats were once again not our friend, but the only stat that really counted tonight was that of save percentages and goals for v. goals against. Apparently, the Ranger fans are already lighting up AV in effigy for not starting King Richard.

    But the Jets still have a long road to hoe (whatever that means), so much so that I’m having empathy pains. The Central division is the only division where every team, every team, has a winning percentage over the last ten games. Two divisions, the Atlantic and Metropolitan have three teams over .500 and the Pacific has but two. All the teams in the Central, the least romantic sounding of the four, has everybody over the .500 threshold. I’m starting a petition.

    My unsung tonight, my boy, Anthony Peluso. He rage-dolled Justin Falk when the Jets needed him to rag-doll Justin Falk. Like a shot of adrenalin. It was then that the Jet players finally swept the sleep from theirs eyes and started to realize they had a game to play. And kudos for writing the fastest post game analysis ever recorded on the planet. You’ve made Norm Collins proud.

  • David Yu

    When Kane comes back can he play his off-wing with Ladd and Little or something? Wheeler can play some combination of random 3rd and 4th line shifts.. or I don’t know.. How does one formulate any opinion after that, ahem, dubious lineup won a game by 2 earned goals plus an empty netter? I am completely adrift here.

    Scott, it is long/tough row to hoe, like in the garden. Understandable mishearing though!

  • Scott: agreed there is nothing but tough sledding ahead for the Jets – the West is a beast that has welcomed the jaws right into its jaws. i suppose any win, by hook or by crook is welcome! Peluso certainly did provide an energy shift for the Jets that game and you know if anyone ever comments on his fast hands, it’s never going to be for goal-scoring!

    X: Not a bad idea. They could try Kane up top and Wheels on the second and put Thorburn back where he belongs. Maybe that throws too many people out of position but it’s no stranger than what we’ve seen so far!

    Thanks for contributing, guys!