Jets Post-Game 14: They are the Champions


Maybe the best part of the game

That was a brutal afternoon for Jets fans everywhere. The team was undone by the coaching adjustments of the Blackhawks early in the second, Pavelec was chased from the net, and we had to listen to Greg Millen. Ack.

The Good

During the broadcast we heard that the Jets had taken Keaton Ellerby off waivers from the Kings. It came after three quick goals by the Blackhawks, the first two against the Jets emergency third pairing of Ben Chiarot and Adam Pardy. I don’t think Ellerby is any kind of solution – like adding Mike Santorelli at the trade deadline on a team just inches from a playoff birth. In fact, needing help on the powerplay again, they ignored Grebeshkov and Corey Potter on waivers a few days ago to take another stick optional player.

That said, it’s good to know Cheveldayoff is still reading the waiver wire.

The team’s third line of Frolik/Scheifele/Halischuk was buzzing all afternoon. They led the team in shot attmempts for by a wide margin. As a line, they were on for 22 attempts together, and both the 1st and 2nd lines were on for 13 each. They also led the team in shot attempt % at almost 69%. The Kane/Jokinen/Wheeler line were all in the mid to low 40’s in a game with score effects in the Jets’ favour.

Speaking of score effects, we can see them in the Fenwick chart so clearly that I thought I would use the graph from

These are shot attempts, not including blocked shots. Precisely after their 4-1 goal, the Blackhawks shot attempts plateau and the Jets begin to control play again. The Jets out shot the Blackhawks (27-25), and this is why – garbage time.

That said, the first period had bursts of effectiveness, and the Frolik/Scheifele/Halischuk line was involved in all of them.

Clisome/Byfuglien had a tremendous game, out shooting and out chancing the ‘Hawks while avoiding being on for any goals against – a near miracle in this game. Each player was above 60% in corsi attempts, and they pushed the play.

Enstrom/Bogosian had relatively good games as well. They were on for two goals agianst, but managed positive corsi and Enstrom scored the Jets’ only goal. Bogosian carried the puck a ton in this game, and I expect to see an inordinate number of zone entries for him when Travis gets to the stats work.

The Kenyan Boys Choir who did the anthems were also great, and hilariously startled when the crowd yelled ‘True North.’

The Bad

The worst part of this game is that the bad was mostly just three players. The second and fourth lines weren’t good, mind you, but they were better than Tuesday’s game against St Louis.

No, the worst culprits were Adam Pardy and Ben Chairot. A chaotic -3, the pairing only played 11 even strength minutes and yet were able to sink the whole game.

Ondrej Pavelec… the goal they pulled him on was hardly his fault. A screened slap shot by a totally open defenseman. But the other three had various amounts of odour on them. Two in close goals on turnovers at the offensive bluelines – a shot past him by Bollig on a two on one and a deke across him on a clean break away. And the first goal was another distance slapshot, one that hit him and went through. In each moment we can give him some benefit of the doubt. But this tweet sums up a career extremely well:

Only Steven Mason has been worse. Yikes.

I was also surprised personally that Toews was briefly boo’ed, and that fans taunted Crawford when he appeared to be injured. Jets fans have shown incredible class in these three years, welcoming Teemu, and even cheering Khabibulin at today’s game. It was a confusing heel turn.

Best Play by Play Quote

After tipping it out twice to start the game, Byfuglien was accused of not playing well with others.

"So Dustin Byfuglien has touched the puck twice, and no one gets to touch it after him."

  • Kevin McCartney

    I have before me two buttons sitting on my desk. One isthe That Was Easy Button, the other, the Panic Button. Neither has been touched yet but I’m leaning towards one.

    There is no opinion that I covet most, and non the holds more sway, than that of my own. This way when I’m wrong I have no one to blame but myself. Four games into the season I opined that Claude Noel wouldn’t last until Christmas. Not because he’s a bad coach, but because management won’t fire themselves and they can’t fire half the players. The coach simply doesn’t have the throughbreds in the stable to compete at the level necessary to win in this league (big shout out to the Breeder’s Cup coverage this weekend by the way). He’ll be the fall guy. That’s not to aay however that he escapes all culpability however. there seems to be no Plan B or Plan C in his various systems and are starting to be as predictable as a cheap mystery novel.

    Ron McLean and the other talking heads at HNIC are now discussing this in their post game diatribe, almost ridiculing the coach for that timeout he called with 5.3 seconds left in the game, down by one and the faceoff in your own end (that one left me shaking my head as well).

    The bags under Noel’s eyes have returned from last year (best be dusting off those cold packs) and his more recent post game comments indicate more than what he is saying. Read between the lines and it tells you a tale of “Hey. Look what I have to work with. Someone throw me a frickin’ bone hare.” Well Claude, it will be a while before there’s any new ponies in the stable. And until Chevy starts pulling the trigger on some trades, which seems unlikely at this juncture, the bullseye is on you. Hard to dig yourself out of a hole without making it bigger.

    And let’s look at what the coach does have to work with. Average goaltending on a good day. An offence that is, quite frankly, offensive. A defence that when it goes AWOL very bad things happen. And systems play that reminds me of baby pablum …bland and predictable.

    Oh, and by the way. Todays loss. All on me. Said to my buddy yesterday ” …ya, they’re losing game but at least they’re not getting blown out 5-1 or something.” Mea culpa.

    • Kevin McCartney

      Can’t blame you that the Blackhawks figured out the weak point in the Jets transition offence – just inside the offensive blue line. Goals 2 and 3 came from turnovers in that same spot based on adjustments made in the intermission.

      Jets just got out-coached. Don’t beat yourself up, Scott.