The Ghost of Dale Hawerchuk

Ross Smith has written Winnipeg a Hallowe’en Poem. Please enjoy and stay safe tonight, Jets fans.

A siren wailed on Furby street
Where Desperate Measures come to meet
Over coffee and disparity
To talk about The Ghost
Nobody knows the reasons why
Vengeance or another try?
A moment that keeps passing by
A visit from The Ghost
He’ll sit with you while you sup
Quietly, not to disrupt
Ask who’s favoured for The Cup
A contemplative ghost
You can try to reassure
Exorcise or just endure
The spirit who cannot abjure
His life now as a ghost
This is never what he wanted
To leave the ice rink rafters haunted
With banners never hung or flaunted
Diaphanous as ghosts
Anguished wails and bleeding walls
Not the work of ghouls at all
Fans aghast at awful calls
Refs summoning The Ghost
A too familiar icy chill
Crackling the windowsill
Bottom of the standings still
Winter loves a ghost
Promises come limericks
Luck deflects off broken sticks
Hanging hope on high draft picks
Our once and future ghosts
I don’t believe in you, you’ll say
Why don’t you just go away?
The past is no comfort today
Leave us, wretched Ghost
He doesn’t bother to reply
Simply nods his head goodbye
Skates off with a lonely sigh
The burden of a ghost
The Desperate Measures now adjourned
To sift through what they might have learned
Of chances missed and bridges burned
To rid themselves of ghosts
Tales as tall as Evergreen
Meanings as they need to mean
You pour your life into a team
It makes of you a ghost
Some say he is living still
Not breath upon your windowsill
He never has and never will
Come to you as a ghost
But Furby street is in the know
When the winter winds a-blow
Gird your expectations, lo!
Greatness is but a ghost

  • dmmccart

    My rent on Furby was $255/month. The stove and fridge didn’t work; now with higher exchange rates for higher net worth people and Chinese demand for oil people, the rent might be $450, cancelling out minimum wage rise.
    Our only mistake there was trading Housley.
    I let in a goal like that; love the soccer games in the swirling winds and cold solid field. It gives soccer something like hockey’s boards. The indoor soccer surface is too small for the soccer ball; ball and roller hockey are superior. Even the other goal that game is a bounce off the field.
    I figure maybe Phaeneuf is worth $7M with the salary minimum. The minimum seems too low in that you shouldn’t be signing players to absurd contracts just to meet it. If the league is bankrolling some teams who will give us lizard players instead of the next Toews (playing for team MB’s soccer team this generation says Toews), it shouldn’t make them sign absurd contracts.
    Maybe marquis offensive players could be exempted from the cap from 21-25 yrs old as these players cannabilize fans and players from other sports.
    I remember that final game I let in a goal that bounced over my head…in the playoffs the coach wouldn’t take me and my bloody bruised knees out. I figured the regular season game we tied the dirty team, I’d play aggresive but my own D passed it back to me in my own net….
    That Bomber bubble out to work for soccer games too. No reason not to build infrastructures on budget and D/T where they are a competitor to crime and non-herbal substance abuse.
    Why doesn’t Wpg have a WHL team? Or perhaps should we expand the MJHL in quality West and East?
    Reimer, Price…Smith?

  • dmmccart

    …banning betting on a Vegas team would keep it honest; still like the Pacific time zone. Soccer needs to call a PK and keep playing and subtract them at the end and award the net kicks. Video review from an NHL-like command centre could determine whether to use the centre dot or a new off-centre dot, for each kick.
    I’d like better info about field conditions, winds, ice conditions, in game. Board bank velocity percentages. I’ll watch any NFL game in the snow, watch their tears freeze. I’d like a puck temperature centre. With cold ice and a cold puck and known board bounces, the IQ of the players goes up. In the rain, Lulay destroyed Reilly.
    A six on four PPG to get an OT win is perfect except for shot-blocking injuries. Perhaps having four roster players dressed just for the potential OT? If you don’t score, whatever the 50% time of PP is, you lose. Sport can still improve now 1/2 way from The Iliad.