The Nation Network is proud to officially announce an agreement to purchase, a leading fantasy hockey resource. Network traffic is expected to double to 30 million visitors and 75 million page views annually in the next 12 months as result. has established itself as the premier resource for up-to-the-minute gameday fantasy hockey news featuring starting goaliesline combinations, and player news and injury reports. Nice to know if you are in a hockey pool, playing StreakCred or anything of the sort.

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These guys are the best in the business and we are happy to have them on the team going forward.



We want to take hockey to new heights of fantasy gaming and if anyone is going to spice up the Fantasy Hockey world its Wanye. I asked him for a quote on this big day and this is what he came back with. 

“We intend on being the leaders in fantasy hockey because no one has more fantasies about hockey than me. Now that we have doubled in size and have more plans on the horizon the Nation Network is bigger than Jessica Simpson circa 2013.”

Thanks for the mature quote Wanye.



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As I’ve mentioned in a previous article I am a huge fantasy sports fan. The best thing about being retired is that now I get to engage in fantasy hockey. Instead of just being a couch potato on Sundays, now I get to do it 6 or 7 nights a week. What’s better than that?

Fantasy Football has absolutely exploded in the last 5 years or so, much to my wife’s displeasure. Fantasy hockey isn’t quite where the NFL and MLB are yet with their fantasy gaming but we here at the Nation intend to fix that.


Everyone out there is looking for the site that provides the most information possible so that you can kick the crap out of all your friends while believing that you’re an NHL GM and it is absolutely real.

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With this acquisition we hope to bring more to fantasy hockey. We are gathering the best resources we can, developing advanced stats and adding them all under the Nation banner.

Wanye tells me that along with all the great stuff you already get on you will see more articles with podcasts and video content. The plan is to build more games and integrate all of this with NHLnumbers to provide leading advanced analytics in the seasons to come – all in one place.

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“This gives the Nation Network a bigger reach in the East. We now have a larger audience in Ontario than Alberta for the first time ever and as a Network that started in a bottle depot in Edmonton that is impressive.”

“We are committed to building the Nation Network into a leading Hockey Media company. Journalism jobs are rarer than Rick DiPietro shutouts and we want to do our help to promote the game we love so much.”


Like an Oscar speech we would like to thank everyone involved. Thank you to the old DailyFaceoff owners for trusting us with taking care of their baby going forward. A big thanks to Matt Bennett for staying on with the site and providing his insights going forward for the entire network. A big thank you to Kent Wilson for all his diligent work sniffing out this deal and building a trust bridge that ultimately got it done.

Most importantly thank you to all the Nation Citizens for continuing to read our daily drivel. We truly appreciate your patronage and look forward to continue to improve and evolve the Nation Network for years to come.