JGD The First: The Wild West

  It’s year three for the Jets 2.0, but somehow visiting Edmonton makes it feel like day one for me. A rivalry renewed by moving West. Day one. Game one. Jets – Oilers on the CBC. Remember this feeling for the next time someone asks what it means to be Canadian.


Autumn Promises

  Last week at work I found an old paperback discarded in the break-room. It was the Signet 1995-96 Hockey Almanac. Suddenly I was opening up a time capsule.


Systems Analysis: Different Looks at the Swarm

Game one between Winnipeg and Edmonton offers us an edu-taining systems battle. Without the puck, both teams use what is broadly called a ‘swarm’ system, but each team employs it very differently. Inside we’ll talk about what a swarm is and why it’s used, and then examine some practice video and still images to see…