I have been thrust in charge of most things Streakcred because I’m the person around here that likes to win every useless thing in the world and I’m quite proud of it. With a mantle full of fishing titles and fantasy sports trophies I set out to dominate this year’s Streakcred. I’ve trained long and hard for this.


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If you have been living under a rock lately, Streakcred is a fun game where you pick winning teams of hockey games. Pick as many correct games in a row as you can.

You compete against friends and all of us at the Nation. It doesn’t take much time and effort but is a ton of fun. We can’t get enough of it in these parts.


What’s a hockey game without some hockey prizes? New hockey memorabilia and prizing will be given to the champ each month.

The main prize for October will be the coveted Streakcred trophy and the choice of a Ryan Getzlaf, Corey Perry or Jamie Benn autographed jersey along with a pre-paid gift card. Prizes will also be given to the top 20 streaker’s each month, to the person with the most wins and to a couple lucky random draw winners just for playing.

Over the course of the season the cupboard of available jerseys and memorabilia will only continue to grow.


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Today we had the Streakcred pre-season trophy engraved with Mr. “Slick Rick” who somehow racked up an astonishing 18 straight wins when people didn’t even know who was dressing most nights. How the hell is this possible?

A tip of the cap to you Rick, I streaked to 4 and only had 18 wins total all pre-season. I showed up to camp out of shape but now I’m ready.

I’m banking that you won’t be so slick come opening night.


That’s the beauty of this game. A guy like Slick Rick can come in here and wax us all but come the end of the month we are all equals and get to start all over again.

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Be sure to check out Nation beaut Steve Dangle’s awesome Streakcred vid below. I plan to whoop up on him too:

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It’s never too late to sign up. Twenty bucks for the entire season. Support charity and come play with us.