Air Thick With Optimism for Jets Prospects

The optimisim in the air is certainly quite thick isn’t it?

After a 7-2 sinking of the Oilers prospects (let’s not forget that fact) on Saturday night, Twitter was abuzz with the hope and glory that this team, of prospects and potential future Winnipeg Jet players, would have in the many years to come.

Oh yes, I can see it now – the Winnipeg Jets 2017 Stanley Cup Champions…hold on.

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I’m a Jets fan, but you’ve got to be kidding yourself if you can honestly predict that at this point in a season.  

Sure the dog days of summer are much shorter coming into the 2013-14 NHL season but there is still that anticipation for getting as much hockey into our brains and systems as possible as soon as possible.  The Young Stars tournament in Penticton provides as much for Jets fans but the tournament comes with an asterisk or two if you may.

*Do not judge the season by this tournament.

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I’m not meaning to be a pessimist – the Jets have a very large talent pool of prospects thanks to the careful and systematic drafting of Kevin Cheveldayoff and his team of scouts – BUT – how many of these kids are going to be playing with the Jets this season?

The answer varies: one to two, possibly even three to start – if you count Mark Scheifele and Jacob Trouba. (maybe throw a Brenden Kichton in there as a discussion for a long shot).

There may even be the times where you could see a JC Lipon or Kichton up for times to spot for injuries, but I’m not sure that the Jets organization would want to chance new prospects like they have with fringe Jets players such as Patrice Cormier and Aaron Gagnon.

I can honestly say a year for Scheifele, Trouba, Lipon, and Kichton in St. John’s will not only be beneficial for their development, but they will also get a full season in professional hockey playing together garnering chemistry.  

For the right here, right now scenario, the Jets can wait for the future to come.  

Three years this talent pool has developed into a bright future – I think Jets fans can wait another year or two before these guys come to fruition.

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  • Kevin McCartney

    Agreed, Matt. We can’t plan the parade route just yet. I think it actually gives us a confused view that goes against what we thought we knew – Scheifele and Trouba struggled more than expected, while Petan and Kichton looked pretty impressive. Really enjoyed getting a look at all these guys, and I think it gives us a good sense of what their individual games are about, but we can’t say too much about the Jets just yet.