I have been thrust in charge of most things Streakcred because I’m the person around here that likes to win every useless thing in the world and I’m quite proud of it. With a mantle full of fishing titles and fantasy sports trophies I set out to dominate this year’s Streakcred. I’ve trained long and…


Reviewing the 2013-2014 Hockey Prospectus Guide

Cover of the .pdf version The 2013-2014 Hockey Prospectus Annual is a book much different in style and content than the 2013 Hockey Abstract written by Robert Vollman. The Abstract was Vollman’s general look at where statistical hockey analysis is in the year 2013, while Prospectus focuses on teams and players, and less on theory….


Jets Wrap Up Dismal Preseason

The Winnipeg Jets preseason is finally over.  After back-to-back losses to the defending Eastern Conference Champion Boston Bruins, the Jets finished their third preseason in Manitoba with a 1-4-3 (Wins-Losses-Overtime/Shootout losses) record– last in the new Central Division. This isn’t exactly what one would expect from a team looking to make that final push into…


Pardy and Cormier on Waivers, Jets Last Cut to Come

The Jets put two players on waivers today – 23 year old Patrice Cormier and the recently signed Adam Pardy. With a final cut to go, the options for the team have narrowed to the three remaining non-waiver eligible skaters – Trouba, Scheifele, and Redmond. Reactions and thoughts below.


Jets Final Three Cuts To Come

Photo by clydeorama Final Roster Cut-Down is Monday, with final waiver submissions due by noon eastern on Sunday. With the Jets’ final loss of the pre-season in the books, we have a weekend of speculation ahead of us. After sending down Edward Pasquale on Wednesday, the Jets have 26 remaining in camp – 15 forwards,…


Kevin Cheveldayoff, RFAs, and Arbitration

Cam Charron wrote a very thoughtful article yesterday about the role the shrinking cap played in giving RFAs with arbitration rights more leverage than usual this past off-season. He talks about how Nonis did well with Franson and Kadri (who could not / did not file for arbitration), while doing poorly in a relative sense…


Friday Five-Hole

Nothing about Wellwood this week, I just love the little guy. This weekly column looks to discuss a certain number of relevant Jets topics on a certain day of the week. That certain number? Five. That day of the week? Friday. Also, hole. This is the Friday Five-Hole.


What we learned with the Kadri and Franson negotiations

We know you’re wrong because you have a Big Bang Theory t-shirt. Ryan Lambert over at Puck Daddy wrote a column that went up this morning about how the Toronto Maple Leafs mishandled their salary cap situation this summer. It’s tough to disagree with the overarching point, that Toronto once had lots of cap space…


Why Anthony Peluso Has Chris Thorburn’s Job

I’m sorry if I offend any Chris Thorburn fans out there, but he is not the Jets tough guy and won’t have a chance even if he wanted to.  He’s already had two seasons to do that, in fact. Enter Anthony Peluso, the man who pretty much has Thorburn’s job. In the past five seasons…


Waiver Wire Season: Ryan Jones

It’s coming up to Waiver Wire Season again, folks, and as we know, that’s Kevin Cheveldayoff’s equivalent of Free Agency and our second Christmas. Today, Ryan Jones of the Edmonton Oilers has hit waivers and the Jets are looking for players who: a) can skate; and b) come with either own equipment, preferably blue in…



As the preseason comes to a close and the NHL regular season is squarely on the horizon StreakCred is ready to go with an early bird – $15 for the entire year.


Goons Are Stupid

Following a rather… eventful weekend of NHL pre-season hockey, it appears that the fighting/enforcer debate has raised its head once again after a brief lockout-created reprieve. Some love the fact that fighting plays a prominent role and believe that enforcers have a legitimate purpose on NHL rosters. Others believe that fighting is a barbarian act…