Nation Network Mock Draft: Final Rankings

Over the past few days, the readers of the various sites in the Nation Network have been voting on their rankings of prospects for the 2013 NHL Entry Draft. Today, we reveal the results.

Mock Draft Results

The Canadian teams come away with the following players:

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  • Calgary: Sean Monahan (6), Robert Hagg (22), Mirco Mueller (28)
  • Edmonton: Elias Lindholm (7)
  • Montreal: Ryan Hartman (25)
  • Ottawa: Anthony Mantha (17)
  • Toronto: Kerby Rychel (21)
  • Vancouver: Valentin Zykov (24)
  • Winnipeg: Max Domi (13)

A lot of talent stays on the board for round two. Two way forwards like JT Compher and Jacob De La Rose, skilled forwards like Artturi Lehkonen and Connor Hurley, quality defencemen like Shea Theodore, Ian McCoshen and Steven Santini and many more.

  • Oilers G- Nations Poet Laureate

    I hope we take Nurse over Lindholm………we have no tough defenseman and in the glory days we always had an ample supply of tough defenseman.

    Paired with Gernat in a couple of years , the twin towers will return to the Oil.

    • OilLeak

      The game has changed, defenseman who can produce offense as well as defense have more value than a pure shut down defenseman. Not saying Nurse won’t be a good player, but not at 7 with better choices still available.
      Go check out Scott Reynold’s comparables for Nurse at the coppernblue, the offense just isn’t there.

      • OilersBrass

        I think the Oilers will pick a forward at #7. It makes the most sense.

        Reynolds was not aware of this fact regarding Nurse.

        “The article seems to insinuate that Nurse is primarily a stay at home defenseman, which he is not. Offensively, he’s very solid and there’s massive room for growth in that department. He played on the second powerplay unit because the Hounds had two of the best (including the CHL d-man of the year) running the top unit, which got 75% of the time. When he’s on the first unit next year, his stat line will jump.”

        • OilLeak

          Reynolds was in fact aware of this fact, if Nurse can’t crack the top powerplay unit or 1st line duties in the CHL how is he supposed to impact the NHL offensively? For arguments sake, look at Alex Plante’s point totals from His draft year, similar to Nurse, no? Not saying Nurse is going to turn out like Alex Plante(Nurse is a far better skater) but even average D prospects post some offense at the junior level. If Nurse isn’t shouldering the offensive load at this point in the CHL, that’s a tell.

          • OilLeak

            I’ve read them and the comments don’t paint a clear picture either way. The consensus among scouts is that Lindholm is better pick than nurse, why pretend to be the smartest person in the room and go for the reach pick?

          • OilLeak

            Do you know why Bob Mackenzie’s final list is considered the benchmark.

            It is not because he asks opinions of writers ex Scott Reynolds

            He talks to Hockey scouts. as does Redline has independent scouts, ISS.

            It is nice reading opinions by Reynolds, but he is not a scout. So when you use him as the authority you should know this.

          • OilersBrass

            I don’t think CdnMaDCow understands that playing in the SEL means that you’re playing against men, and tougher competition.

            I wonder how “intense” Horvat would be playing in the SEL.

          • OilersBrass

            Just not too sure about these “boys” drafted out of this not good enough to be in the NHL “men” league. Take a look back at the first round draft picks in the past five years. OHL-SEL

            Now go put a plug in that leak.

          • OilersBrass

            Hahahaha only going back 5 years hey!? How ignorant. Why don’t we go back 30 years? How many great Swedish hockey players have there been?

            Erik Karlsson, Oliver Ekman-Larsson, Gabriel Landeskog, Mika Zibanejad, Jonas Brodin, Oscar Klefbom, Filip Forsberg. There’s a bunch of great Swedish players from the past 5 or 6 years I can name of the top of my head. Don’t be naïve in thinking that Canadians are so much better than European players

          • OilLeak

            One-hundred and eighty… now you’re just throwing darts.

            Karlsson= great
            Larsson= good , although drafted from SWE-1
            Landeskog= 3 games against”men” in the SEL
            then 2 years in the OHL= great
            Zibanejad= good
            Klefbom= hope
            Brodin= should be good…thanks Sutter
            Forsberg= jury’s not out , and yet another SWE-1

            Now go look at the OHL picks and look at their transitions into the NHL. Just because ( most) of these guys you have mentioned played with men in the SEL , it doesn’t mean they are better prepared for the ” intensity ” of the NHL.

          • Citizen David

            Oliver Ekman-Larsson, Victor Hedman. I’ve always been cautious about taking Swedes who play in the SEL because generally they get very little ice time and opportunity and the scouting reports are all about potential, and they look like they should… It seems clear though that the high end players, which Lindholm is, are solid bets. I would take Lindholm over Monahan and Nichuschkin, and even Barkov. There is a wide gap between what Pajaarvi was in his draft year and what Lindholm is. Lindholm will be a solid top six player.

  • Oilers G- Nations Poet Laureate

    The problem with trading down is you have no idea if the player you want will still be there. Someone like Bo Horvat who knows where he will go. Could go #8- 15.

    The advantage of trading up is you know the player you want is there.

  • JI123

    I think I would rather take Horvat over Lindholm. From what I have been reading he sounds to be a bigger and more intense center. In all reality, would either have much of a chance playing for us right away?? Probably not….then trade down.

    • OilLeak

      Lindholm and Horvat are the exact same height, and Lindholm finished in the top 10 in 2 strength categories at the combine. Lindholm also has a much better chance to play in the NHL right away as he’s been playing in the SEL.

      Lindholm is not a soft player, the NA media loves to portray all europeans players as “soft”. If Lindholm is available at 7 and the Oilers don’t take him they’ll be regretting the choice for years.

      • OilersBrass

        Hello OilersAss, today’s show is brought to you by the letters F.U. I’ve been reading articles from and Hockeyprospects. Check them out, they also have pictures so you can follow along.

        @OilLeak Just read the combine results. Pretty good for the Swede. Horvat, did finish pretty high in the VO2 test and was playing at 206lbs when he scored the finals winner.

  • JI123

    We need someone to play right now. if Horcs is indeed gone, thenwho do we have sliding in?? Lander….please no. Trade up for a viable center or trade down and see what you can get in return. Crossing fingers…. I am really starting to loathe June.

  • Leafs, I hope they get a c, nay, I demand they draft a c. I was hoping last year that we would draft the high end c and have our 1C set for the next decade. I like Morgan pick, don’t get me wrong, and if we parly him or Jake for a 1C, then I’ll be happy. I dream of course of the Leafs trading up to get someone like Barkov,or higher. Why not? It is a dream. I will be ever so pissed if we do not try to move up and take a 1C, the best one we can get. It would be nice to have for the first time since Sittler and MacDonald to have a #1c and a #1Winger. We are a little thin at the blue line now, but we much in the pipeline. The same can’t be said for C’s. If you don’t count Colbourne, the next best is Mckeeg and then it drops for after him. Mckeeg I don’t see him as being any better than 2ndC, tops. This is the year that is supposed to be so strong, so lets get, by hook or by crook, the stud, power #1C we’ve needed for so long. If they pick another D I will scream.

    • BurningSensation

      I think it will be hard to be disappointed with what the Flames get if they use all three picks given the quality that remains at the bottom of the draft.

      That said, I highly doubt that our late rounders will both be used on defensemen. I can see either Hagg or Mueller being the Flames choice late in the draft – but not both.

      Given Nic Petan was asked back for a 2nd interview after the combine I highly suspect he is our target at #22.