Former Jets in the Playoffs


I’m still bored. You’re probably in the same boat. Hope Byfuglien isn’t driving! The last Jets game was all of 32 days ago, while the draft sits 35 days away. We’re rivalling mid-August levels of Jets related nothing-ness.

Sure, there’s going to be a helluva an offseason around here. For one, there’s the 9 Restricted Free Agents and 9 Unrestricted Free Agents to deal with. As those signings start flowing in, that will be fun. But that hasn’t begun yet.

Theres also the aforementioned Draft. With the 13th overall pick, the Jets should be able to pick up a pretty decent prospect to add to the stable alongside Jacob Trouba and Mark Schiefele. Between that and my being a severe draft nerd, that’s going to be lots of fun. It’s also 5 weeks away, so instant gratification it is not.


So, there’s not much to do right now. I’m not a fan of any of the remaining teams in the Stanley Cup hunt. If I’m not last place in StreakCred, the Nations playoff pool, I’m not sure who is, as I’d be inclined to mock them. But I’m so far down the rankings I don’t even appear on the last page of results. What to do? I don’t care about ‘The Great Gatsby’, I despise the ‘Fast & The Furious’ film franchise, and there’s only so much Rob Ford news one can consume before it becomes tiresome. SHOW ME THE VIDEO!! 

But then the other day, it struck me while watching a Penguins game. I heard the name ‘Tanner Glass’, and I was reminded that there remains some Jets alumni in this years Playoffs. So, relieved with something to write about, I took a look at how they’re doing, and this is what I found:


Tanner Glass – Pittsburgh Penguins

Here’s a guy who landed on his feet rather well. He’s gone from beloved member of a checking line named after the most hated tax in Canadian History (and that’s saying a lot) to relatively productive member of the Pittsburgh Penguins, signing a 2 year, 2.2M deal last offseason. He played in all 48 games in the Regular season, accumalating a very lame 2 points, along with a -11, which is a signifigant step back from last year with the Jets, where he totalled 16 pounts in 78 games. That said, the Jets didn’t have a Crosby, Malkin – or even an Iginla – to eat up icetime. Still, that he played all 48 games appeared to be a positive.


But things have turned rather quickly into a negative. Dan Bylsma has given Glass his press pass (why can’t I get one?) for this offseason. To date, the ‘G’ in the GST line has played a paltry 5 of 11 games and tallied one goal. Granted, he’s ‘Even’, but we all know that’s a flawed stat anyway. It appears he’s lost his playing time to the Craig Adam’s and Matt Cooke’s of the world. 

In a Nutshell – Tanner Glass has a legitimate shot at winning a Stanley Cup, but he may very well be watching it all happen from the Press Box.

Johnny Oduya – Chicao Blackhwaks


Oduya was traded at the Deadline last year to Chicago for a 2nd and 3rd round pick this year. At the time, it appeared a pretty good haul for a guy who was having trouble cracking the Jets Top 4. With the strength of both the Jets back-end, and of the Draft this year, it seemed a pretty good Trade for the Jets.

But it was also a damn good trade for the Blackhawks. Those dastardly Bowmans did it again!! Oduya played in all 48 games for the Hawks this year, registering 12 points, and going +12. Pretty unshabby. His play was raved about all year long. Every time I’d see the Hawks on TV, the praise was piled heavily upon him. I was comforted by the fact that the Draft picks were upcoming, but I always rued the glowing reviews. 


In the Playoffs this year, Oduya has maintained his steady play, playing 10 games and netting 3 points, while going +5, which is only 1 points less than Jonathon Toews, who happens to be -1. Not too shabby there at all, Mr. Oduya.

In a Nutshell – Johnny Oduya has been a steady contributor for the Blackhhawks since his arrival at last years trade deadline, but he faces the very real possibility of finding his team being eliminated in Game 7 Wednesday against Detroit, which will help the draft pick that the Jets acquired for him increase in value. All Jets fans should be cheering for the Red Wings.

Teemu Selanne – Anaheim Ducks

Yeah, that’s right. Teemu! As I’ve made perfectly clear here, to me, and any other self-recpecting Jets fan, Winnipeg Jets 1.0 and 2.0 are the same. What I’d love to see is some database created where we could mashup all the numbers from both Teams and meld them into one, indisputable record of Winnipeg Jets hockey. Any programmers out there with free time this summer? 

In all of Winnipeg Jets history, perhaps nobody has more love and affection from fans than Teemu. I’ve made it a habit in recent years to watch as much Teemu as I can, simply because I have no idea when his last game will be. I was a kid in WInnipeg when he broke into town and took the city by strom. I was at the Game when he broke Bossy’s record in 92/93. I was there for the start – I’ll be there for the End.

I choked back tears – coudn’t have been the only one – when he lifted the Cup in ’06. I thought for sure after he finally won the Cup, that was it. I was wrong. I watched him in the 2010 Olympics, cheering him live, and my guts swelled with joy as I watched him get his Bronze Medal. Was that it? Nope. 

So as the playoffs started this year, I made Anaheim my team to cheer for, and watched with great attention what may very well be the last games of Teemu Selanne’s career.

And he was OK. There were moments where he held the play still. Hell, he was on the Ice for the last parts of their elimination game. But he looked sad. Maybe it was because they were losing? Maybe he hates his new coach Bruce Boudreau? As they lost and skated off the ice for the final time after losing to Detroit, I swore I saw a man who had another season in him. He did finish with 2 goals, and 3 points in 7 games, which was more than former MVP Corey Perry got. 

In a Nutshell – Just get Teemu back to Winnipeg already. He’d make THE PERFECT 2nd line RW to go alongside Evander Kane. C’mon, David Thomson, you’re rich as hell, please help make it happen.



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  • Domi would be awesome. I know Keystone Garter feels the same. Im a fan of synchronistic roster assembly, and having another Domi on the Jets would be beautiful on that end. Plus, he looks like a solid player but some serious offensive skill. Seems like a Daymond Langkow, with upside, to me.

    As for trading up, I’m not sure it would be worth the price. Trouba, Scheifele, and the 13th pick might be the realistic cost of the #1 pick. Burmistrov, Bogosian, and the 13th pick, maybe? Is that even worth it? I can’t think of any other kind of package that would be fair payment for one of the Top 3 picks that would be worth from the Jets standpoint. But I’m willing to be proven wrong.

  • Don’t worry I’ll be losing my internet. I like the ISS 4th ranked socring in the KHL, Nishku-something. He’s scored goals and has a good +/- for Traktor, especially in the playoffs. Him or Zadorov could probably be had for the Edm pick (7th?). I like those 5 players best. None of the big 3 has dominated all year round the way Mackinnon dominated the year before.
    Filpulla takedown killed a chi goal. ooooo
    Pittsburgh is good to watch and i like bos defensive liabilitie this year but Det can smack them down with a hit and chi is so gifted offensively…