Worldly Jets – A look at Jets at the World Championships


This is a tough time of year for Jets’ fans, mostly because there’s nothing to do. Sure, we all (well, certainly not our own Travis Hrubeniuk) got our kicks watching the Leafs and Canucks flame out spectacularly from this year’s playoffs. That was fun. And for those of us playing StreakCred or some other kind of playoff pool, there’s still fun to be had and money to won – or in my case, fun to be had while hoping to climb out of what must be last place.

But no matter – this time of year just isn’t the same without your team in the race. The Draft is still far away. Free Agency is even further. Teemu has already been eliminated from Cup contention. What to do? 

There’s some obvious answers. Drink! Cheer for the Bombers! Forget the pleasant distraction that is professional sports and actually get some productive work done in our own lives!

But, if you’re like me, these options don’t really fill the void. Luckily, there is still something – the World Championships. Phew. Yes, there’s still some WInnipeg Jets out there fighting the good fight, trying to help their country attain (small levels) of glory in what is, at best, the 3rd most important international event on the Hockey calender. So, to help you with your Jets withdrawals, here’s a look at how the Jets in the Tournament are doing.

Photo by Andre Ringuette/HHOF-IIHF Images

Andrew Ladd – Canada

That’s him, all sad on the bench!! Named Assisitant of Team Canada, Ladd was his normal productive self with 3G and 3A for 6 points (in case you were bad at math) in 8 games, which placed him behind only Steven Stamkos and Claude Giroux in the team scoring. Not too shabby. He was also named Player of the Game in their quarterfinal match against Sweden. What was rather shabby, however, was Canada’s inability to advance to the Medal round, losing to host Sweden in a shootout in the Quarterfinals. The World Championships are not Canada’s tournament, but at least Andrew Ladd didn’t suffer some kind of catastrophic injury like Eric Staal might have, so we’ll have to consider Ladd’s effort a mild success.


Photo by Andre Ringuette/HHOF-IIHF Images

Ondrej Pavelec – Czech Republic

That’s him sitting on his butt!! When I looked at Pavelec’s numbers, my eyes did a double take. A .937sv%? A 1.42GAA? Named player of the game in a battle against their bitter rival Slovakia? What the hell?! Where were these numbers in the NHL? My anger turned into investigative googling. And then everything began to make sense again. Pavelec was the teams ‘starter’ but only played 5 of their 8 games. The Czechs finished 4th in their pool, and like Canada, lost in the Quarterfinals, with Pavelec in net, to the surprisingly powerhouse Swiss team. Hopefully Pavelec can glean some kind of positive from taking his team to the Medal round and not having a ghastly SV%


photo courtesy Chapin Landvog/HF

Jacob Trouba – USA

That’s him smiling at the World Jr’s earlier this year!! Young Mr. Trouba has made his way into 5 games so far with Team America, and has faired rather well with a goal and an assist so far. His +/- is Even, and he also had 0 PIM, all while averaging 12:47 icetime per game. Next up for Trouba is a matchup against Switzerland in the Semi Finals. Let’s hope the US has some common sense and plays Trouba, allowing me a chance to watch him play live at 4am.

Photo by Richard Wolowicz/HHOF-IIHF Images

Arturs Kulda – Latvia

That’s him, boxing out a Finn!! The on again, off again Jet suited up Team Latvia at the Championships, a team that finished tied with France in their pool, and ahead of noted non-heavyweight Austria. Tied with France? Latvia has some way to go. Anyways, Kulda held his own somewhat, playing 7 games, getting a goal and an assist, all while registering a shocking 23:15/game. Jets fans can rest well knowing than one of Latvia’s best players is Jets property. Perhaps Kulda’s greatest accomplishment with Team Lativa was helping them avoid relegation, as they finished a strudy 11th in the Tournament. 


So, that’s that. There would have been more Jets in the Tournament, but Kane, Enstrom, Bogosian and Slater were/are all nursing injuries. My advice to serious Jets fans is drink a whole lot of coffee, stay up late, and hope to watch Jacob Trouba kick some Swiss ass in the Semi Finals. Enjoy! 




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  • Kevin McCartney

    Smaller player equipment would lead to more goals just like smaller goalie pads.
    The most frustrating point of the season was when a ref exulted a Canuck, Ballard I think, What are you doing, (Keith)?”, while he was bltently mauling/holding a Blue Jacket. A 0-0 fix. The teams that scored goals learned how to advance in the playoffs. The crown jewel series looks to be Hawks in 6.5 because of better top 4 D. I still like Tatar over their big guys but they did injure Lydman, making it about their strong FWs vs below avg D, and Anahiem’s above avg FWs vs Detroit’s average but deep D. The current Detroit crop of D aren’t sure when to pinch.
    Just waiving the minus players will get the Jets into the playoffs if Pavelec stays healthy. He is about as good as Howard and Lundqvist now, who both seem over-rated. I’d like Jokinen for Bryzgalov and a 2nd rounder or signing Brodeur. Those good teams got good by having good teachers and Pavelec could learn from one of the top 5 goalies of all-time. I’m shocked to say I like Zetterberg and Datsyuk over Kane and Toews: the extra 5 years together. E.Kane doesn’t really have a match here to reach is long-term potential. Maybe a blockbuster to trade him for Edm’s first and 2nd rounder or trade for someone young to mature with him?

  • Kevin McCartney

    A weak toruney. The Czechs had talent but got bumped. Ovie had a broken foot (@#$%)…
    Czech weren’t passing right. They passed while up a man into a LWer who had three players on him. Bad coaching or system. Sedins are dominant under international rules. Both USA goalies looked good. Canada’s goaltending is pathetic. Enroth looks like a Vezina candidate. This Canada has similiar FW/D/G skill to the Oilers, and Turin’s Canada looks like Chi or Det if D had Enstrom. Both of these teams incredibly deep.
    The Swiss are good a jumping into the zone; don’t have to keep your head up internationally. The Czechs ruined a couple 3 on two against Canada by going offside. If Tavares, Crosby, ToewsStamkos are at their best, we can win gold in spite of Brodeur in net.

  • Kevin McCartney

    I don’t think I would trade Kane for EDM’s 1st and 2nd. However, if we did trade Kane, Edmonton would be very excited for him. I bet we could get Hemsky (2nd line RW fixed), Paajarvi (poor man’s Kane), Marincin, and a later pick (like a 4th). Or a similar package. Kane is the exact player Edmonton is desperate for when they talk about adding size and grit etc. At the same time, even for that package (which is likely biased in favour of the Jets given my perspective), I’m not sure Kane would be worth trading. He’s a stud.

  • Kevin McCartney

    …it is a seller’s market, is why I suggest stocking up on draft picks if getting a good deal. Another start to platoon (or is it pontoon?) with Pavelec if only for a year would settle how good he is.

  • Kevin McCartney

    SJ lost momentum when their two players had a second to clear while killing a 5 on 3…
    Gibson isn’t an NHLer yet. The problem with the world’s is it is used to test out new/reject players. If there were some sort of aggregated Champions League points with a stronger team (later tourney) once every four or five years…then you’d have something to market. Need better rink mics with worse whistle mics.
    Sorry for the multipost, using crappy browser. I like your trade. The Edmonton pick would ensure Zadorov, who got the Memorial Cup game winner. It helps to pick your fav prospect to evaluate that trade. Hemsky would help the PP. Why did everyone have a weak PP? Yep, Kane is Tkachuk.