Jets Nation 2013 Year-End Awards: Best Defenceman

We nominated, you voted, and the results are in. All this week Jets Nation will be revealing your reader picks with our writers’ perspectives for the 2013 Year-End Awards. We present this article to hand out the virtual hardware, but also to show our discipline as we held ourselves to just one subtle dig at Olli Jokinen. 

Best Defenceman 

Brett Martin (@brettmartinlive)

While I probably would have voted Tobias Enstrom if he would have played even a half-season’s worth of games, I’ll have to go with Zach Bogosian here.

His offensive game was in solid form – much better than I remember it being last year, even though pro-rated, his numbers actually come out a little lower than the previous season – and defensively, he was reliable, and even at times, nasty. When the Jets went on their late season win streak, Bogosian was at the top of his game. Coincidence, or a case of a really easy schedule?

Perhaps the thing that makes Bogosian’s year most valuable to the Jets is the fact that he yet again missed significant time to injury, which may help to drive his cost down a little bit in his contract talks.

When it’s all said and done Bogosian is steady and forceful presence on the blueline, and when he’s on his game, and healthy, he’s the Jets best defenceman.

Travis Hrubeniuk (@thrubeniuk)

For best defenseman I chose Zach Bogosian.  Bogosian did a little bit of everything for the Jets this year, which I feel really separated him from any other player on the blue line.  Along with Hainsey, he was constantly matched up against the oppositions top line, yet didn’t have the same defensive mistakes as Byfuglien, Clitsome, or many others.  He contributed offensively with 5 goals and 9 assists for 14 points, which tied him with Jokinen for 10th on the team.  He hit, fought when he felt it was needed, and provided a dimension that was dearly missed when he was out for injury.  Hopefully the concussion he suffered at the end of the year turns out as nothing major, as number 44 was the Jets best defenseman.

Kevin McCartney (@kevinmccart)

Either we all know what we’re talking about, or writing for Jets Nation is a small cult. I agree – Bogo ftw. I happened to write the nomination paragraph on him, so forgive me for repeating myself a bit. Bogosian played the toughest competition alongside his regular partner (Hainsey), but chipped in more offensively – taking 2nd in goals and shots on goal among defencemen despite playing only 33 games. Given his tough assignment and 45% zone starts (2nd toughest behind Hainsey), his -5 RelCorsi is understandable. As a two-way, rugged defenceman with a tough assignment, it can be hard to quantify his performance. Still, if we aggregate all the way up to wins, the Jets with Bogosian were 18-13-2 this season, while the Jets without him managed to go just 6-8-1. If I were on television, I’d shout that he was a monster until I ruined Mike Commodore’s evening.

Jets Nation at large

Consensus reigns, as you chose Bogosian with 64% of your vote. Enstrom (despite playing just 22 games) took second with 27%. Maybe we’ve explained the Jets’ season as easily as that – Bogosian was our best defenceman and missed 15 games. Enstrom was the second best and was out more than half the year. A silver lining to look forward to in 2013/14?

 Your 2013 Best Defenceman, Zach Bogosian:


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  • Bufyglien, obviously. You might not like his personality but Robitaille and Messier are probably jerks in real life. Sergei Kharin had 5 pts in 7 games. 27% of you would think he was the best Jet that year. Having a 5 yr contract player hurt makes him a bad defenseman, not the best defenceman. Think Rob Johnson, who elevated his numbers by holding on too long. Bogosian was hurt again. Hainsey was two blocked shots away from league leader; wasn’t as offensive but by playing 47 games he is over Zach. Lindros wasn’t mean enough to protect himself; he should’ve ended some careers after targeted.

    St.Louis strangely loaded up at the deadline without rotating their goalies. Vancouver at least gave Luongo a late B-day present. It is looking like Reimer and Anderson should be the Olympic starters (if healthy Reimer), but won’t. I liked Tatar for the Wing’s cuz they don’t have as much scoring punch as they’ve had. Lashoff with a brutal turnover their veterans on the bench wouldn’t have made. I guess they are going for a youth push and D is where they need it. I like the two Russian D (Zadorov, Mironov); I wish the Jets could get them both and just play them raw next year. I’d quit being a fan and rejoin the bandwagon in 2015. Mironov was a +7 in the KHL playoffs.

    Jeff Reinbold played players he “liked”. The Bombers aren’tweren’t professional in judging talent. It carries over in the community.

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    If you have to walk with a limp to set an example for the ages: so be it.

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    Trippenhorn set fire to Caostner’s cabin for a reason. And here, hockey player were a good role model for me. If I can’t take it, I’ll drop out and have a family. Not plan A though. Plan A is defense.

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    St. Malo, like J.Cartier, lost.

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    If either Bogosian or Enstrom were healthy we’d’ve made the playoffs. There is a reason I became a Wings fan around 1992…you guys want an injury prone team that is lucky to make the playoffs and would never win a Cup.

  • I didn’t think Byfuglien was that good last yr until the PP sputtered without him. But this yr it isn’t even close.
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    We had some pretty crappy Dmen replace your two faves; add their performances and you get both as #4 defencemen.
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  • As much as I mock soccer, it prepares you for construction better than trunk-forming hockey. The footwork. Hockey is better for truly rising to the occasion; the Greek hero quality. NFL Football has the best division of labour; though their free market owners ignore scientists too much. CFL is most down to Earth. Bsaeball is good if you don’t like your boss.
    There were buckets of gravel accumulating at the conveyor belt base that had already shut it down once. I thought about reaching in to pull them away, but instead I kicked one from a distance. The second time I moved away from the pile. I stayed healthy.
    Earlier, everyone kept ragging me to boost my pick count from 85/hr to 100/hr while using broken machines and giving me bitch shifts and withdrawing agreed to terms I was basing my renting decisions on. I waived myself.
    Bufyglien had better offensive #s than both players nominated; we’d play like Vancouver without him.

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