Jets Game #45: Now it gets real – Winnipeg Jets VS New York Islanders


At long last, we’ve arrived at this point. Not since 1996 have the Winnipeg Jets been this close to getting in the Playoffs. After a 15 year NHL hiatus, an up-and-moslty down first year back, and this truncated season that’s featured Divison leads, heart-breaking losing streaks, and Claude Noel 3 piece suits, today’s game against the New York Islanders will be the most sinifigant game of the season. It’s serious times. Win, and they’re just a point back of this Islanders squad, and at the very least, keep pace with the rest of the pack, while even potentially bringing themselves into a tie with Washington. Lose, and they run the very real risk of getting too far behind as the season draws to a close next weekend. It’s a serious game – shake off your hangover and get your yelling-at-the-TV-pants on. It’s Jets Game Day.

The Matchup

Winnipeg Jets

The Numbers:

23-19-2 48 Points / 9th Eastern Conference

PP%: 13.4 – PK%: 79.5

S/A:28.9  – SA/G:29.4

The Lineup:

Ladd – Little – Wheeler
Kane – Jokinen – Wellwood
Tangradi – Burmistrov – Santorelli
Wright – Gagnon – Thorburn
Hainsey – Bogosian
Clitsome – Byfuglien
Stuart – Postma

Notes and Trash Talk…This is the 3rd matchup of the season between the teams. The series is tied 1-1, with both teams winning at home. Let’s hope the trend continues…I drank (mostly) after my show tonight, and it’s not that I forgot that I had to write this, so much as I didn’t fully comprehend how much of a task this would be to write at 4:00am after a long night of enjoying what turned out to be an excessive intake of alcohol. If nothing else, I hope the Jets can draw inspiration from my work…As it stands now, the Jets would own the tiebraker with the Islanders, having 1 more ROW (not a boating term). All the more reason to kick some ass today…I incorrectly predicted Jacob Trouba would make his NHL debut against Carolina on Thursday. I feel great shame…Andrew Ladd continues his breakout offensive season, leading the team with 44 points in 44 games, while James Wright and Chris Thorburn have combined for a measly 5 points in 72 games. 



New York Islanders

The Numbers:

23-16-5 – 44 Points / 7th Eastern Conference

PP%: 21.5 – PK%: 80.4

S/G: 30.9 – SA/G: 28.2  

The Lineup:

Moulson – Tavares – Boyes
Bailey – Nielsen – Okposo
Grabner – Aucoin – McDonald
Joensuu – Cizikas – Martin
Hickey – Visnovsky
Hamonic – MacDonald
Streit – Strait

Notes and Trash Talk…I’m really having trouble coming to terms with the fact that the Islanders are good. Their dynasty in the early 80’s was before my time. Outside of Pat LaFontaine, I can’t remember much about the Islanders that wasn’t hilariously inept…I wonder if Al Montoya looks at Garth Snow and thinks "You know, maybe I’ll just GM the Jets next year"…People have been going off about John Tavares this year, but did you know he only has 1 more point this season than Andrew Ladd? And 2 less Cups…Hey gang, do me a favor. My buddy Casey, who is not from New York, is a massive Islanders fan. Always has been. I don’t know what’s wrong with him. I think he’s nuts. Anyways, I got a plan. If (If? No, when!) the Jets get a lead, find him on Twitter and throw down some serious trash talk about how bad the Isles blow. He’s also a funny Comic, so you should get a a good response from him. Or not – truthfully I’m not sure how he’ll react, but the fun isn’t in thinking about things, it’s in doing them. Find him at @caseycorbin and let loose!


Important Information.

Gametime is 2:00pm WInnipeg time, or Noon here where I am in Mackenzie, BC. No, I never heard of it before, either. You can watch the game on TSN Jets, or stream it on some shady webs live from the official radio network of your Winnipeg Jets, TSN 1290. I haven’t checked any Gambling sites, but I imagine the Jets are favored to win by 5.

5 Predictions YOU – but not you – can count on.

  1. Dennis Beyak will use the term "Playoff Atmosphere" rather liberally.
  2. Big Game Candidate? Evander Kane. I just feel it. That or it’s gout.
  3. I will have trouble waking up in time for puck drop.
  4. John Tavares will do some ridicuously sick move that pisses me off.
  5. Rick DiPietro will make more money watching the game than I will. 

Wrapping it up.

It’s the Real Deal now. These last 4 games of the season will determine whether we’re enjoying hockey into May, if not June, or if we have to start crossing our fingers that a player like Hunter Shinkaruk slides down to where the Jets would be drafting. I know what all of us in JetsNation would prefer. Today, we get to find out just how ‘for real’ our Jets are. 

  • Travis Hrubeniuk

    No doubt the gods are watching this game. I like the Iliads gods better than Christianity. There are two big questions in life:
    1) why is there anything?
    2) why is there evil?
    Positing gods that aren’t perfect, answers the 2nd question. Just asking the second question proves if there is a god, he isn’t perfect. So why not strive to be a better person than Jesus?
    Too bad about the Alexandria library fires.

  • Travis Hrubeniuk

    Of course those gods were with the *Island*ers…
    Generally, the scientific method is the best way to allocate resources once a society diversifies away from basic farming and mining. Building an educated population creates more future value than does keeping a rich oligarchy or low-tax-rate in perpetual power. Canadians were able to engineer a bridge in WWI and hockey generally favours government investment in human capital more than American sports. I don’t see how religions are useful in telling us what sectors to invest in and what not to invest in. Here, I’m a big fan of Ottawa’s ownership. And when it comes to fighting against enemies of empirical methods, whether the extremists be Islamic, Christian, or $Neocons$, I see hockey as a great strength.