Hockey fans – close to the edge?


As Canadian hockey fans, we all exhibit symptoms of schizophrenia, don’t we? Primarily we:

  • hear or see things that aren’t real (hallucinations)
  • hold strong beliefs that are not real (delusions)

I don’t mean to make light of a serious mental disorder that affects many Canadians and their families, but rather to illuminate the tendency of fans to lose touch with reality when observing their favourite team. 

Look no further that the acquisition by the Jets of Eric Tangradi. 

Should this really be a news? A trade, where the Jets gave up a 7th round pick for a player who has played in 45 NHL games and managed 1 goal and six points is not news. If you are reading this means you are breathing and you would have had an outside chance of picking up one more points than Tangradi playing on a line with Evgeni Malkin and James Neal: you would have only needed to pick up one second assist. 

If you are imagining or wondering if Tangradi is some sort of answer for the Jets, you need to breath deeply and and try to focus on thinking rationally. 

This post isn’t intended as a veiled shot against any of my fellow bloggers or those in the MSM who chose to cover this ‘story.’ It would be more than a little hypocritical on my part as by writing this post I’m doing just the same myself. 

My frustration lies at what is now considered news. From my point of view, it would be considered news if after 5 or 10 games Tangradi actually put up some numbers or created an imapct- that would be a story. 

However, as fellow Jets Nation candidate Brett Martin pointed out in an excellent piece called ,"Jets Acquire Eric Tangradi Cheveldayoff Still Boring," when you follow a mediocre team that plays it safe and doesn’t make big splashy player moves, you have to find news somewhere. 

Wandering away into the comfy confines of reality created by the mind of a fan is not the sole domain of supporters of the Jets.

In Calgary, fans and management are in denial that they only have two players left from the ‘glory days’ of 3 months in 2004 and are nowhere close to being a contending team. 

In Vancouver their window is starting to close and their fans seem intent on proving to other fans why their team is better even though they have never won anything. They also think Burrows isn’t a diver and is basically a saint. 

In Edmonton, fans want to sell you on what they are seeing their mind’s eye rather that what is actually on display. 

Do I really need to go into Toronto or Montreal?

Ottawa gets a pass to cry a little. They have just lost their best player and they also lost their top centreman a few weeks ago. 

Fans everywhere have to be a little ‘touched’ to even be showing up after the lockout. Imagine a group of people willing to have their lives orbit around a group of whiny entitled millionaires and their even more whiny and entitled billionaire bosses. Well thats you and me, isn’t it?

We all have to be a little crazy, but unfortunately it is that kind of crazy that feels good. 

  • dmmccart

    Not to be unkind, but this seems like a complaint about the coverage of the teams rather than the fans. I am not sure if you are in my living room when I am talking about hockey (there have been strange noises in the corner) but assuming you aren’t, you have no idea what I think of any of those teams. As someone who lives in Vancouver but does not cheer for the Canucks, the national image of Vancouverites and Canucks fans is ridiculously inaccurate. As with any group of human beings, some of them are idiots, and some of them are brilliant, and many of them are thoughtful and rational. So please – let’s not make generalizations about groups of people that offer literally no evidence in this case.

    As for Tangradi, I don’t get your point here. It seems like you are saying because you find the move boring, you would rather the media not cover it. More specifically, you would rather the blogging media not cover it. I think this is strange – isn’t the very point of a site like jetsnation to get the kind of coverage that one of the writers gave the Tangradi trade the other day? I understand if you are not that interested in reading about it – DON’T CLICK ON THE STORIES. As for me, as a hockey fan who likes to look as deeply as possible into every team move, I love the coverage of Tangradi. Also, I haven’t seen anyone suggest that he would be a major help to the Jets – just some people suggesting that it might be a small but smart move.

    Maybe I just hate my day job more than you, and that is why I am interested. But your complaint here seems stupid and your justification ill-informed and poorly explained.

    • While I appreciate the comment and you make some fair points, you seemed to have taken this personally (surprising someone from Vancouver would do so). If you notice, I made an effort to include myself in my critique and fans from all teams and cities, not just Vancouver.

      You are correct that is the point of a blog- different points of view to create discussion. You left a comment didn’t you?

      Actually, I’ve never been near your house. Leave it to someone from the West Coast to feel that important.

  • A radio broadcast mentioned there was a multi-OT game in February a decade ago. Like a Jr High intercom broadcast. They didn’t correct it right away. Tsn today said Jets played Jets last night, and fixed it right away.
    Those 23-24 players may still have upside. Guys like Loktionov and Tangradi are free this year. I didn’t think much of matching the Kesler offer or of Cogliano, but both are good now. The nice thing about a physical team is you can bring in prospects earlier and get skilled tiny players at the deadline easier than Chris Gratton. The downside is watching the Jets 4 on 2; getting a simple shot away is boring.
    The NBA plays now like Ice Hockey’s (NES) no goalie OT. There should be incidental contact at some point on the court, with protective gear. The OT, I can pass it back and forth with my skinny players against the chunky Czechslos, but to get any “in-the-key” penetration is hard. What about allowing goaltending for 3-pointers? I’m sure I’d like televised Sacramento street ball.
    I don’t have on NFL team. Ponder is maybe listening to what the media tells him too much.

  • Argh!! Same thing. I’m waiting for updates on a game on a proline ticket I cancelled, and the guy says Calgary ties the game 3-2. Then 1/2 hr later he says Cgy scored 3 straight goals (from a 3-1 score) and the game is tied. He can’t speak. The lady providing the updates effortlessly said 4-3 Cgy twice over the next hour. This is serious stuff. If you can’t read or figure out basic common-sense things (A Sporting News guy might not realize there is no sudden death in Feb); this is my diversion while reading boring stuff. I miss C.Keilback. The cowboy doing the Flames games a few years back, all he did was whine about non-calls. He ruined the Franchise for me.