Jets acquire Eric Tangradi – Cheveldayoff still Boring



Everything is relative, and with that in mind, pretty big news out of the Jets camp the other day. They acquired Eric Tangradi from the Pittsburgh Penguins. In return for the former 42nd overall pick of the Anaheim Ducks in 2007 draft, the Jets sent the Penguins a 7th round pick in the 2013 draft.

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Tangradi has had what you might call an underwhelming career to date. Sure, he’s got wayyyyyyy further as a Hockey player than I ever did, but with a whopping 5 points in 45 career NHL games it’s safe to say the 24 year old, 6’4, 221lb Left Winger has yet to light the world on fire.

Which fits in with what Kevin Cheveldayoff has done this far. You see, I sat down to write today about how boring a GM Cheveldayoff is. I went to the Jets site to start compiling my case, and I saw the big news of the Tangradi trade. My heart skipped, then reverted back to normal, as I was re-assured my article idea still had merit, perhaps more so then before.

What’s the biggest splash he’s made so far as GM outside of siging his own free agents? Probably the Olli Jokinen signing. Sure, he was the best Center on the FA market last year, but to call that a major coup is a stretch. Olli has 4 points in 12 games and has yet to spark Kane, Wheeler, or really anybody he has lined up with yet.

At least Cheveldayoff signed him though. I challenge you to name much else he’s done that’s as newsworthy. Sure, you’re thinking "Hey, what about the landmark Johnny Oduya trade?!". I’d say you have a fair point. But when flipping a depth defenseman for a 2nd and 3rd round pick in the 2013 draft qualifes as a major move, well, you got yourself a certified case of Boring GM Disorder.

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Lets look at the other faces he’s added to the 2013 Team:

Alexei Ponikarovsky – SIgned to a 1yr, 1.8m deal last summer. 2 goals in 12 games. Yawn. Hope he’s dealt for picks for and Eric Tangradi at the deadline. Hey wait! This just in – he’s been dealt for picks! 

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Al Montoya – Signed to 1yr, 601k deal. A capable back-up goalie, although important to have, usually lacks having an positive impact on the fate of a franchise.

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Anthony Peluso  – Waiver pick up. Made his NHL debut with the Jets. I guess that’s something.

James Wright – Can I please stop writing about scrubs!? Acquired off waivers from Tampa. 10 games, no points. 

The biggest move Cheveldayoff made was signing Evander Kane to a 6 year, 31.5 Million dollar deal about 3 minutes before the Lockout. I like that move, but when re-siging an RFA that you had to re-sign is your big move, I yawn. There was also the signing of Ondrej Pavelec to his 5 year, 19.5 Million dollar deal, which just proves that when Cheveldayoff isn’t boring, he may just be nutto. But I questioned his sanity less after extedning the talented and useful Tobias Enstrom.

It’s not like he did much to alter the face of the Thrashers as they became the Jets. Outside of extending Andrew Ladd, look at what he did for the 2011-2012 Jets:

Grant Clitsome – Plucked off waivers from Columbus. ‘Cause you know, when they’re not good enought for the Jackets, SNAP THEM UP! The most Clitsome has done as a Jet is make me laugh at his unfortunate last name.

Kyle Wellwood – Ok, this was a great move. Wellwood has been a great Jet, and re-signing him for this year was a savvy move. +1 to the GM.

Tanner Glass – SIgned to 1 yr deal. Yeah, he became a member of the effective and beloved ‘GST’ line, but a one year deal for a somewhat effective checker/energy player rather lacks a thrilling aspect.

Antti Miettinen – Good lord. Seemed like a good idea at the time to pluck him off waivers, but a player that gets 13 points in 45 games is what I call ‘replaceable’. Luckily, he’s on Injured Reserve this year, and cannot hurt the Jets anymore.

He also signed Randy Jones, Mark Flood, Eric Fehr, and a bunch of other names that I can’t bear to spend more time writing about.

What about the Draft? Well, our fearless GM is not as dull there. In his and the Jets first draft, drafting 8th overall, and with a chance to pick up Dougie Hamilton or Sean Couturier, he surprised us all and took Mark Schiefele. Now, it’s still early to declare that as a disaster, but can you imagine a blueline with Bogosian and Hamilton as a pair? That said, I’m still of the belief that Schiefele will find is way.

In 2012, Cheveldayoff made what is, in my opinion, his best move, by taking Jacob Trouba 9th overall. From what I saw of Trouba at the World Juniors, this guy is a beast. Whether it was his cannon of a shot, his great defensive coverage, or piining down and punching Mark Schiefele in the face, I loved everything I saw, and feel safe to say he could even have Shea Weber-esque upsdie. Now I can dream of Bogosian and Trouba patrolling the blue line and all the carnage and goals they’ll create.

But through it all, as we sit here in February of 2013, Cheveldayoff has yet to make a Franchise-altering move. We have yet to see his stamp on things. And I’d like that to change. I appreciate that the Jets have some young talent, and part of his plan is to allow it to mature, but for the love of Teemu, could he just please make a big move. I know he’s still got to sign Bogosian, Wheeler and Burmistrov and others, but if that’s all he does, well color me bored.

What do I want? A big Splash! A Trade! A non-ex Leaf signing! Just something to get this team shaken up a bit. I think the Jets are close, and with some tinkering, we could well see a playoff team sooner than later.

So, c’mon Chevy, get Luongo! Trade for O’Reilly! Pry Anze Kopitar from LA! Do something! I realize Jets tickets are sold out roughly until the Sun explodes, but it’d be great to see some fresh blood, Eric Tangradi aside, coursing through the Jets veins.

  • Ponikarovsky was actually pretty decent…

    Make fun of those 2 goals all you want but that’s he was at 33rd highest goal scored per minute in the NHL for LW… tough to score more without PP time or more TOI… and he was one of the very few (3) players on the team that was scoring at a respectable rate AND pushing the play forward.

    Too bad he’s gone now!!

    Wright is also a pretty solid 4th liner as he’s had significant defensive acumen at a young age. Looking at the underlying numbers, his rookie season at 19 gave better defensive numbers than Glass has yet to ever pull.

    Other than that, you don’t know who he has and hasn’t tried to get involved with.

  • I will make fun of those 2 goals all I want.

    And yes, I do not know who Chevy has and has not been dealing with. For some reason he won’t email his plans. That said, the status quo for a non-playoff team can be hard to swallow sometimes. Don’t worry – I still love them.

  • Trufflepig

    I love that Trouba pick. Watching that guy in the world juniors was incredibly frustrating as a Canadian fan. He was a man amongst boys.

    I also like the Ponikarovsky and Glass signings because they’re low risk/high reward contracts. Easily replaceable and extendable contracts are always a plus in my books.